29 May 2010

make claim to what you love

i'm back. and in case you'd forgotten me, i have curly hair and i'm on a quest to live out my golden year. you probably hadn't forgotten, but i had. 

i know i've been busy when i'm hitting snooze, chugging coffee, skipping workouts and trying to throw together lightening fast meals in our oh-so-tiny kitchen.  i know these are the habits of crazed stephanie, rathen than golden, flowing stephanie.  when my bag of sparkly pens gets shoved in some unknown place & i am like a child on christmas morning when i find them again, i realize: "oh yeah, i haven't been journaling."  

its these little things that really light my fire.  my new boss, who i truly adore, has a saying : "protect your inner flame." and i am here to shout that from the rooftops. you must protect your inner flame! it is up to you. 

while i can make excuses all day long, i must first make claim to what i love.  make claim to all the goodness and the opportunities for growth.  make claim to the sparkling instruments that help me process all the hours of my day & to the nourishing foods that energize me.  make claim to the bus rides that reveal the humanity of it all, the huge hugs after exhausting hours our in the world. make claim to the intense workouts that ignite me, and to the soft, comfort of my own home.  these are the things that matter most. these tiny moments of bliss throughout our lives. make claim to those. 


Lauren said...

What a beautiful post. I needed to read these words right now. Here's to getting back on track!

Sue Goby said...

This is the truth for so many of us...our sparkly pens are tucked away, and then, tadaaa! We find them and it's a new day.

Elloa said...

Hi Stephanie,
I love your writing! Thank you for protecting your inner flame and for sharing about the beautiful opportunity inherent in an everyday bus ride - to reveal "the humanity of it all".
Recently I have been experiencing ongoing moments of profound gratitude in the simplest of experiences: riding my bike on the cycle path next to the beach; sitting by the pond and watching tadpoles swimming around, tails wriggling endlessly; listening to the birdsong in the morning.
Life is beautiful when I commit to being present in it.
I'm grateful to be able to read writing like yours. Keep shining :)

Melita said...

i agree with the other lovely ladies, this post is wonderful. i too have fallin' off track a little. with the stress of my upcoming test (this friday gah!!) and amongst all the other normal chaos that is life, i'm slowly trying to make my way back on track. may we all do this together! love & hugs!!

kate said...

inspiring as always....i love this! your words speak to my's to the rest of the golden year (and years)!!