05 July 2010


photo by victoria wall

"And it was the strangest feeling right then: It was like I'd been holding my breath for months and months and finally, with that one moment of tenderness, I could let it out.  And it wasn't until I could breathe again that I realized how tired I was--how very tired I'd been for so long of not being able to breathe."
{katherine center, get lucky}


erin said...

love you!

katherine said...

This is lovely! I love the photograph--and it's such a thrill to see the quote from my book here! Thank you!

Melita said...

lovely photo & quote. you are simply amazing girl! love & hugs!!

Hannah Alexander said...

SOOOOOOOOOO pumped for you and your sweetheart- I ADORE the photos of y'all and can't wait to hear about all of the engagement/wedding fun! I have been ridiculously insane with work the past few months and have finally slowed down just this week. Time to reconnect with folks and start blog-stalking again, too. love you girl!