01 August 2010

an august of opportunity...

...because a new month means new possibilities, new opportunities and new awarenesses. often times, we get crushed under the pressure of a new month, fearing new responsibilities, new challenges and new moments of "i think i can, i think i can, i think i can--CRASH!---i knew i couldn't all along!" i am here to welcome august with open, trusting arms.

august is the last hoorah of summer. the month before my birthday month. the time when i gear up with as much energy & positivity & grace as i can. the leap before my Fall.

and by fall, i mean Fall, not fail. not skinned knees and broken bones. i mean sweater season, and wedding celebrations and gentle temperature changes. warm tea every night, less rushing around---an easier pace overall.

summer is an eclectic time for me. i can't say i feel balanced during summertime. it's stop and go. full of excuses: i am tired and want to relax but i can't just read by the pool all day!  it is too hot to run outside, but who wants to be inside the gym on a beautiful day? i'm hot in this outfit but i feel like humpty dumpty in that tank top. blah blah blah. the old story lives on: summer time has never been my favorite.

well. except for the vacations. and the farmer's market abundance. and the 10pm sunsets. and flawless beach hair. and grilling out. and postcards from far away places. and and and...

the cycle of discontentment can continue, on & on, if i don't ground my feet firmly in this moment, this day, this patch of time, this season. so august is my leap---my extension of my whole self into the time that is----rather than the skipping over of the end of summer because i'm so anxious to greet the Fall.

august will be an adventure itself: my sister will have her baby, paul & i will buy our first car together, i'll say goodbye to someone who has become a very good friend, and who knows what else! i am, however, leaping and skipping and splashing and hanging out with august as much as possible. because it's here. the one & only august 2010 we'll ever know.

it has arrived and my arms are open wide.


tenthings. said...

Awesome post! Thank you! Happy August 2010!

kaileenelise said...

happy august to you! i'm looking forward to a delicious ending to the summer as well. xo, kaileenelise

erin said...

i think you could use a dip in barton springs. then you'll love summer ;)