24 August 2010

full moon DREAMboards

full moon dreamboards a la jamie ridler studios the unveiling is today, august 24th, but the process was officially shared on saturday august 21 with my dear friend, erin.

we filled up my dining room table with two 10x10 canvases, a stack of magazines, modge podge, paints, and una botela de vino rojo ;) 

as with any creative process, there was the usual resistance, confusion, frustration, and bliss.  we move through it.  we help each other understand why we're in the depths of it.  and on the other side? we find ourselves having loved the process and the end product, too.  the promise that somehow, in the midst of our creative calamity, dreams are nurtured, and being nurtured, born, makes it all worth it.

our craft time in photos:

erin at the creative table

busy being messy
it may not get more beautiful than this

the dreamboards drying

on display for the universe to see :)

erin's dreamboard is colorful, and the story of being lifted.  her board is layered with patterns and the central focus is a lovely hot air balloon, and the mantra: love my greatest self. beautiful, erin, just beautiful!

about erin's dreamboard:

When Stephanie suggested an afternoon art project, I thought it was a great idea - until we sat down to do it. I was frustrated because I didn't know where to start with my dreamboard. Steph suggested just flipping through magazines and cutting out any words, pictures, or patterns that caught my eye. So, that's where I started, and the dreamboard really created itself. It wasn't until I was finished that I realized there was actually somewhat of a theme to it. But, like the dreamboard suggests, my spirits were lifted; I was satisfied with the final product and happy to have spent a crafty afternoon with my always creative friend.

my dreamboard's colors chose themselves. my central focus is on enjoying the harvest of life (a theme, remember my engagement story?).

while wellness, beauty, my relationship with paul, and physical activity often manifest themselves on my dream board, i noticed a real theme this month.  a break all the rules by doing it your way theme.  a savor the best piece first.  a don't-wait-act NOW theme! and this board boasts representation of those themes.

ultimately: the permission to FULLY enjoy and savour the magnificence of life---- I shall wait no more.

so now: i'm off to savour and explore what ripe fruits are waiting on the tree of life...just for me!
wishing you a reflective and inspiring full moon!
Stephanie (& Erin!)


Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

Neat dreamboards.... for all to see.

Jamie Ridler said...

How absolutely wonderful! What a great idea to make the dreamboards on a canvas! It's such magic to see how they come together, sometimes in surprising ways. And what fun to do them together. It seems like a delight-full day!

May all of your dreams come true!

CEB said...

love the dreamboards on canvas, I may to try that next month! I hope all is manifested.

EVA said...

Beautiful pieces Erin and Stephanie!

What a wonderful way to spend the day with a friend!

Suzie Ridler said...

You know that is how Jamie has always suggested we start a collage (we have been doing them for a long time), just see what captures your eye. I love that you painted the sides of the canvas, really gave it a shadow box feel. They're both lovely. May all those pretty and special dreams come true.

The Fragrant Muse said...

Ohhhhh I LOVE this series of photographs and the finished products are magnificent. Thanks for the inspiration!

Rae said...

The canvas makes your dream boards extra intense. There is a sense of commitment to putting your intentions on a canvas over something less values (say like card board or poster board). Thanks for sharing the process. BTW, I have found the dream boards I have done with friends and family to have all the more meaning because they were collaborative. (The Full Moon DreamBoards do that virtual, I guess. Don't they?!)

You Are Here said...

Wow! Love the texture and the box effect of the canvas. A real piece of living art.x

rosedale said...
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rosedale said...

Those are eye candy! I like how they look like something you could buy in an artsy boutique somewhere to hang on your wall. I really like them and they have already inspired me to do a dreamboard as well. Thank you! :)

Sarah @ See Sarah Eat said...

I love the boars, they are beautiful! What a great idea :)

Helen said...

I loved seeing your boards and how you made them. The small format looks really beautiful (although I have to admit, bigger works better for me). It's amazing how just letting our intuition guide us, gets us past the fear of the blank canvas and creates such wonderful results. May your dreams come true!

Carolyn said...

Beautiful! I LOVE the idea of putting them on canvas.. they look so fancy!!!