07 August 2010

the magic of every day

ordinary days call for extraordinary pens.
paper matters.
this happens to be my one, wonderous life.

every moment i get to choose:
"how will i best express my golden spirit in this moment?"

will i tell my sister and chris how i truly feel?
yes, yes i will:

will i give from my artistic spirit?
yes, yes i will:

will i find a way to give a gift with meaning?
yes, yes i will:

will all of these moments show the people in my life how much i love them?
will small actions create a lifetime of authentic expression?
will my true spirit be invited to participate in the magic of every day?

yes, yes it will.
(always click on images for a closer look.)

1 comment:

Elloa said...

I just wanted to comment, because you hadn't received any yet, and this post touched me and expanded my horizons when I read it the other day.
Thank you for the reminder