11 August 2010

the pep in your step

just because i buy new asics annually,
doesn't mean i'm always running.

but when i buy new shoes?
you better believe i find a new routine!

as summer carries on, i see how my exercise schedule shifts.
i don't do hot yoga as often, (though i do love it and practice weekly sept-may),
and i don't run as often, either.

i walk outside and log my steps with a pedometer.
i test drive new workout videos from the local public library,
i read my favorite book on women's health,
i practice headstands & do daily pushups, 
i schedule regular circuit training workouts at the gym.

but there is something about the spring in my step when i purchase a new pair of running shoes.
its that extra zest i need to propel me forward, ever forward, towards my goals.

what kind of exercise routine are you into this summer?  
how are you putting your health first?
what's the pep in your step?



Analiese Marie said...

Thanks for the link love! During summer, I try to trade in my treadmill routine in favor of outdoor runs, walks, bikes, hikes, and kayaking excursions!

P.S. I heart Asics, and it's almost time for new running shoes! Yippee!

Elloa said...

Hi Stephanie,

Goodness I love reading your words! I feel my spirit being infused as I take in your pictures, your sharing, and your positivity.

I left my trainers at my dad's house this week, which means either a) buying a new pair or b) not running until I get them back again. I'm inclined to go with option a). I LOVE the feeling I get when running around the sloping park near my house, doing push ups, sit ups, lunges and squats afterwards.

I adore dancing, although since leaving London I haven't done it that regularly (apart from a 48 hour dance ceremony, which was utterly beautiful).

I also love riding my bike with Nige, the love of my life, or by myself. I chat to God, breathe deep, struggle up hills, stop for tea and take in the world at bike speed. In summer I also do cartwheels, ten years old again with every one.

Being active helps me connect with my body, and helps me feel truly alive.

Bring on the headstands!

Elloa x

courtneyruns said...

oh my gosh, I think we have the same asics, and I just bought mine too! :O :D

Carolyn said...

Man I wish I were this naturally active!!! Speaking of, my asics are due... I think I've had them for too long.