15 August 2010

well: energy, vitality, joy!

What does being well mean to you? For me it means energy, vitality, inner strength, and joy! How do i adapt my own personal belief system around wellness in this world that prescribes instant fixes and easy shortcuts that only truly lead you around in circle, like a dog chasing its tail? 

I'm on a quest to create my own holistic health practice, where I live and breath what wellness means to me.  Where my inner being and my outer body are products of balance, great self-care, and a solid knowing. 

So,  I've been spending summer evenings reading Miriam E. Nelson's "The Strong Women's Guide to Total Health." While gathering insight and ideas for my own holistic health practice, I've been affirmed while reading this book: it appears I'm not the only self-doubting woman who lacks good resources and a sufficient amount of reflection.  This blanket of unknowns leaves, us women seeking a trusting, firm ground to stand on. I found that ground in Dr. Nelson's words.

Chapters of the book include various body parts, the internal workings included, as well as the senses, mental health, managing stress and sleeping well, shifting your food environment, getting active, and screenings and health management.  Count me in----this is the kind of book I want to have in my library, to reference on rainy days or to immediately provide an accurate answer to the 'Is this normal??" question.

One of the chapters, Managing Stress and Sleeping Well, struck a big chord with me.  Since my job change in April, paired with a move and some major life changes (hello future Mrs. Weldy!), I've been juggling new stressors and a strange sleep pattern.  In this chapter, Dr. Nelson features a list from guest writer and humorist extraordinaire, Loretta LaRoche.  This list had me laughing in bed and even begging paul to let me read it to him.  Then I thought, "it must be shared with you all, too!" Here goes...

10 ways to become a more positive, joyful person:
  1. Give up your seat on the martyr train.  Going to extremes to help others only creates feelings of helplessness  and enables others to be selfish..
  2. Stop trying to control everything and everyone. It makes sense if you're an air traffic controller; otherwise, it's exhausting and makes people around you want to run away from you.
  3. Don't assume someone will rescue you from your life. No one's coming.
  4. Take care of your physical, mental, and spiritual health because you deserve to feel good.  Nothing feels as good as feeling good. 
  5. Spend time with friends who are happy and healthy.  Their energy will energize you.
  6. Don't assume being tired is how you're supposed to feel.  Get a good night's sleep, set priorities, exercise, eat well and your fatigue will fade away.
  7. Spend time dancing to your favorite tunes alone or with your children, significant other, or friends.  It will make your spirits soar.
  8. Don't buy into media messages that focus on negative images or how a women should look and feel.  Tap into your inner wisdom; it will tell you the truth.  Or ask your grandmother.
  9. Live authentically and with passion.  Nothing feels worse than not being yourself.
  10. Laugh often, especially at yourself, and don't wait to have fun.  Become the fun you're seeking.
my emphasis. especially #8. i love my grandmothers (i've got four! 1, 2, 3, 4!)!!

Are you feeling more positive and more joyful already? I sure hope so.  I also hope you come to Heart Piercing Life seeking to dialogue about questions that matter, putting self-worth first and putting away your mask.  You're welcome here just as you are. 

I'm excited if you'll join me for the journey.

Have a great start to the week, friends!


Lauren said...

I love these tips! Thanks for posting them!

Analiese Marie said...

Amazing list! Love this post so much! Many people think of wellness as physical health, but it encompasses so much more than that, as this list reflects. I will have to check out Ms. Nelson's book upon your recommendation!

P.S. I feel the beginnings of a wellness "manifesto" brewing. You, me...joint project??? :-)

Melita said...

fabulous as always! hugs!!

facebook photos said...

Thanks for making me smile.

facebook photos said...

Thanks for making me smile