02 September 2010

goodness abounds

august has ended. and we bought a car, hooray!
 we're pretty cute, if i do say so myself.
in other news:
1. i get to meet baby ella tomorrow (!)
{photo by my favorite: kristen gardner}

I get to spend a few sweet days with my mom and my favorite: gram 9a

along with the rest of my family: daddy dave, mason, tanner, and even my kentucky brother, emile, maria and baby sofia! what a weekend ahead!

highlights from this week include:
a productive, intentional week at work,
making birthday plans,
a lovely post run dinner with paul on wednesday night.
i came home and he had cooked a beautiful meal,
set the table,
poured the wine,
and still had a smile on.

i am one lucky girl.
off i go on my next adventure.

have a lovely weekend!
be back with more goodness & thoughts next week!


erin said...

Congrats on the new car!

Rachel said...

I'd say that curly hair runs in your family.

Elloa said...


I love your energy,
your lightness of spirit,
the spring in your step,
and the j-o-y you transmit
with every line,
every photo.

Thank you!

Elisse said...

Your post is oozing of joy! I can't help but grin along with you!

Congrats on your new ride!

Sarah @ See Sarah Eat said...

Congrats on the new car! Sorry I missed you girls last night. I'm doing much better so rest was just what I needed :)

What did you think of hot yoga? I tried it once and at the time, it was hard to focus but then afterwards, I felt really good!

Paul Weldy, CSW said...

i especially like that "adventure" picture. yes, i took it...but thats neither here nor there ;)