30 October 2010

26 fun facts about turning 26 (part I)

to ease back into my blog, which i've missed so very much the past couple weeks, i felt a good way to catchup would be some captures about what's been holding me.  since i turned 26 in early september, my world has been spinning at a rapid rate. all of it has been so sweet, including 3 darling friends' wedding in october, visits with every branch of our family (i've seen all 4 of my grandmothers, all 4 of my & paul's mothers & fathers), my darling niece sofia turning the BIG number 1!, meeting & schnoodling ella bean in VA and her visiting us in KY, and traveling to more than 7 states: AL, FL, GA, KY, VA, TN, & MD.

whew! and i have been missing sharing these adventures here. 
so here is the first set of snapshots:
1. an early bday package from kate!
2. being an auntie to TWO sweet little pumpkins

3. thoughtful gifts, including a kelly rae roberts' girl!

4. a wine tasting at my birthday party. peoples guesses were hysterical.
north korea? really? you know who you are!

5.sunflowers from rachel

6. a batch of balloons {thanks, pw!}
7. Hiking at Jefferson Memorial Forest: based on the gear, you can tell this was taken in September.

8. epic "should've had my ipod in a case cuz-i'm-a-butterfingers fail" and
epic case of brother bear saves the day {again}!

stay tuned... part two, tomorrow!
so glad to be back!