01 November 2010

26 fun facts about turning 26 (part II)

my cup overfloweth. october was abundant with love. 
10. Ella Bea and Caroline: my new favorite blue-eyed pair!

11. Picnics after class with PW.

12. Keeping schoolwork swanky: a box of index cards has never looked so good!
13. Seeing Paul all dressed up not once, but 5 times this month!
14. Making place cards for Julie's wedding in Florida. A how to on these beauties may be in store ;)
15. spending time with my darling friends & their partners
16. the lovely victoria marrying the handsome & charming kenny.
what a celebration!

17. Celebrating Corey & Julie's wedding weekend in FL along with some of Paul's dearest friends.
18. Hard at work on something creative. (see item #14)
the fun continues tomorrow.  eight more to go!

xoxo stephanie

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Simply Life said...

what a fun post! i love how you've made this such a fun celebration - I love the pictures!