06 November 2010

26 fun facts about turning 26 (part lll)

19. it's absolutely true: love wins.
20. my aunt sent me this picture. hysterical. so true.

21. lauren is married! congrats lauren & drew!

22. my friendship with ferd captured in such a perfect way.
kate sears talented photographer extrordinare 

23. i love brown paper atop tables. especially at breakfast time with pw.

24.daddy dave telling the smores story. it gets us all, every time.

25. there is something really darling about this picture. me & mom :)
26. laughter, dancing, {bagels} & catchup with old friends.

well part l and part ll, and finally today's part III tell the tale of the month of october in photos. these photos are representative of the celebrations, adventures and connections that were experienced & cherished.  there was family, friends, 3 beautiful brides, toasts, car trips, the GRE, a midterm, delicious meals, some spicy fried chicken, party dresses, new cityscapes, breathtaking landscapes, tears, laughter, exhaustion & stories galore.  

it was, overall, one of the most memorable months of my golden year.


i declare november a time for priorities, reflection, self-care and ease. thanks for sharing in the celebration with me. here's to life!


Elizabeth said...

WOW what a wild couple of months! I enjoyed your pictures, seeing all the celebrations with friends and family and knowing most of the people in your pics and my heart wishes them ALL so much happiness too! love you Stewy

leigh said...

Stephanie, you are just so so darling! Happy Birthday... 26-33 have been the best best years of my life and I wish the same for you! Lovely to learn more about you on your blog!

Rachel said...

That was an awesome blog post! Your photos are great!

Sarah @ See Sarah Eat said...

26 was my favorite age or perhaps the age when the favorite part of my life came :) I enjoyed your posts and I hope this is a great year for you too!