14 November 2010

my lineup of inspiration

i've been absolutely smitten with inspiration and delight these days.  something about re-committing to claiming my creative space and allowing myself to take time to be inspired and share inspiration has been restorative and rejuvenating. for various reasons, i thought i didn't have the time & space in my life for frivolous reading, but when i looked more closely, i wasn't using the time i had wisely, and my priorities weren't quite clear. more on that tomorrow.

today, though, i thought i'd share my lineup of inspiration. among these sources, you'll find creative, spirited, authentic words & images. always thought-provoking,  always charming, wide-winged & deep-rooted, these ladies are a treasure trove of inspiration for me.  worth a read with your afternoon tea. daily.

this is all to say, if you're looking for delight & sparkle this sunday, consider yourself lucky! you've found it. now boil a pot of water, and pull up a chair. there is plenty of inspiration to share.


Melita said...

you are truly inspiring my friend! big hugs to you on this wonderful sunday!

Caiti said...

You're too sweet, Stephanie! Thanks for including me in your list! I'm honored to be listed among some amazing bloggers :)

pbandjoy said...

Your blog is so cute! I hope you are coming along on your paper more than I am!! You can check out my blog at I'm off to check out some cards! :)

Analiese said...

oh, you are so sweet! thank you so much! YOU, my dear, are an inspiration to me and many others!

Elisse said...

Thank you for sharing your inspiration for this fabulous Sunday! Can't wait to check out these bloggers :)