20 November 2010

pairing up the socks

when i dreamed up this post, i couldn't decide whether i should call it "shoving the boxers in the drawer" or  "pairing up the socks." for the sake of getting less trashy [spam] comments, i decided on the socks title. but both titles appropriately fit the topic.

i'll just be straightforward with you: this is not about paul's sock drawer. but that was the spark. my saturday chores often involve laundry, and i a l w a y s loathe folding his mountains of socks and boxers. its not that he wears an unusual amount of these items, its just that they are always in the mix. i'm a girl that loves variety. but there's always gotta be socks & boxers, socks & boxers. week after week.

paul's handsome sock drawer
socks & boxers, however, are not the point.  the point is about my firmest belief: that everything, every little living action, adds up to the total sum of what manifests itself in our lives. and that there is nothing, not a single thing, in our lives that isn't used to grow and challenge and assist us in becoming the most full, flowing version of our selves. 

and i realize this belief, week after week. as i go to put away laundry, i consider not pairing up his socks.  i don't know why, really, it's not that hard to do, its just that:
  • he has a lot of socks
  • many of these socks look alike
  • i like to do my chores expeditiously
  • mid-folding, i think to myself, "geeze! look at all these g.d. socks!" 
  • i finally find something in the clean laundry pile that's mine, and wouldn't you know there is a sock clinging to it!
  • and so on and so on
but then, a more gentle, focused stephanie steps in and reminds swift stephanie that the simple act of folding paul's socks [or boxers] could be the most important thing i do.  because life is in the little stuff.  the varied, simple, and intentional efforts send forth meaningful energy in the direction of our progressive lives.

and in this lesson, i lean, willingly and ceremoniously, towards the knowing that a simple action [as small as pairing up and folding paul's socks] is everything my life is made up of. simutaneously, i'm caring for paul, keeping the house organized, aligning my actions with intention, showing up in all that i do.  not because it matters in some grandiose way, but because the miniscule moments make up the breadth of our lives.  and if we're practicing full presence when its "not" required of us, imagine the fullness with which we will show up when it "is" required of us!

it's silly, i know, but it's also the most wonderful way to describe a deep belief of mine. i hope we can share that sacred space here. have a delightful saturday. xoxox stephanie

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Elloa said...

Stephanie... this post is so profound and yet so simple! I am totally on the same page as you and yet I forget so often to apply this in my life. As I type these words, I am choosing to focus on the fact that this simple action that I'm doing right now is the most important thing I could do. Applying moisturizer to my face, drying my hair, taking the train, letting someone get on or off before me - each of these moments is not tiny, but H-U-G-E!

Thank you! Your blog is such a delight to read.