08 November 2010

signed, sealed, delivered: love.

as many of you know, one of my long time favorite activities is a simple one:
letter writing.

i write my grandmothers.
my soon-to-be mother in law.
my sister.
my long-lost friends.
local business owners.

this brings me a deep delight. it means i get to use my favorite papers, my creative spirit & my prized sparkling pens. this means juicy words & affectionate sentiments rise to the surface, along with thoughful memories, challenging honesty, and deep, meaningful words.  i really, truly love letter writing.  

it goes without saying that girls like me get card writing inspiration from ladies whose art & work tell the stories of friendship, relationship & inner exploration. while i often make my own cards to send, sometimes i think you could send a note on the back of a napkin or a carry out chinese menu and the recipient would still be smitten.

but send something! "send love," leigh @ curly girl would say. send tales of trying to maintain some kind of work/life balance. send a list of your favorite grocery items and a tale about the cute guy in the cheese aisle. send recipes and pictures and home-made face mask concoctions. send the courageous thing: the letter you're not sure you should send that captures the words that have been left unsaid.  of course, say those things respectfully, gracefully and with tender thought. send your love postcards from your adventures. send pictures of your pup, a disc of your favorite workout tunes, any anything that suits you. 

the point is this: put something in the post that is meaningful, touching & magical. it will benefit you, the sender, and certainly, the recipient, too.  have a lovely week, too!


Liezel said...

I love this Steph - you are such an inspiration to me!!

Elisse said...

I couldn't help but grin when you write about using your sparkly pens! You wouldn't be you without the sparkle!