10 November 2010

a special place

you may remember that paul & i got engaged at bernheim forest. {if you're feeling gushy, or need some extra love-mush in your life, go ahead and do a little afternoon reading: the story of our engagement}  so it goes without saying that bernheim holds a special place in our hearts.

this year, for my birthday, my best-give-giving-couple-on-earth sister-in-law & brother gave us a membership to the arboretum. such. a. great. gift! we were thrilled when our sticker arrived and promptly put it on the windshield of the Golf. and made a goal: visit monthly.  it's a hop-skip&-a-jump outside of the city, and welcome respite from the hustle and bustle.  this week, we went up to Paul's Point and hiked the "Iron Ore Hill Loop." It was a short, engaging hike: the quick slopes, fallen leaves, and fresh air made for an adventure.

(that's the point of the canopy treewalk! so cool)

if you were on the trail with us, yes, we were the couple practicing a slow dance. paul would rather be caught stealing bon-bons from a french chocolate shop than admit to that, but i had to prove to him that i thought "our song" was slow-song worthy. maybe even first-dance worthy {!}

it goes without saying that having a special place where you & your partner feel peaceful, together and "in sync" always serves to enhance the relationship from the inside out. not just the slow dancing on the trail, but the navigation of two people on one rocky road.  to get away from the noise of the city, and the pace of everyday life, and to get quiet with your thoughts and your partner and your environment.  that's a huge blessing. and one i'm super thankful for.

so thanks: maria & emile! spectacular gift! and thanks: paul, for being the delightful presence you are.  and thanks: bernheim! you're beautiful and unique in many ways.  i kind of want to get married on the canopy treewalk: spontaneous wedding, anyone?  {j/k paul}

our goal is to visit each month of the upcoming year. to see the seasons change. to connect in the purposeful way the bernheim always allows us to.  i'd certainly encourage you to find a place of that "nature" (no pun, intended!) and pursue it.

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Elisse said...

What a thoughtful gift! Having that special place for you and your soon-to-be hubby to visit and ground yourself in is a treasure! For me and my Honey it's the local aquarium!