26 November 2010

steffi's wish list

holiday season hair accessory. j (by

for our NYC travels: upstate fillipa by kate spade
Measure Up Bowls (porcelain portion control :) love it!)

golden year lip gloss? thanks, NARS
devacurl diffuser kit  (& her haircut! idevacurl, you looking for models?)
perhaps what i'll wear when i wed pw. i should have it just in case!
I'm usually anti-tiedye, but i'll make an exception for these sea-inspired yogitoes
loose leaf mint tea via teavana [make my nightly ritual sans paper]
betty draper approved ice cubes trays to ensure a delightful (& perhaps dramatic) cocktail hour
happy tape dispenser. a must-have for a crafty girl like me. {in smoke, please}

when my name change happens in 2011, let's make put one of these beauties on my wish list.

since i'm sitting out black friday, i figured i'd do a little inspiration and beauty shopping. there is so much to discover! i could get lost in the magical world of colorful, beauty. my wish list has a few new things added to it. 
 xoxox stephanie


kaileenelise said...

What a gorgeously inspiring wish list! I love everything on it :) Perhaps I should start to think of my own wishes...

Elisse said...

Great wish list! I am huge Nars fan, and love all their lip glosses! And what a great idea to ask for a tape dispenser!

Sarah @ See Sarah Eat said...

Those bowls look interesting! Hey, I want to make Christmas gifts out of wine bottles I've saved over the years. Got any ideas for me? I'm not that crafty (yet). :)

lacy said...

yeap. I want everything on your list!

Analiese said...

Love your list! You inspired me to post mine!