05 December 2010

day 5: let go

day 5 Prompt: Let Go. What (or whom) did you let go of this year? Why?

wow. this one is always a work in progress, no? i'm always practicing non-attachment to something, be it a big event in the future (wedding anyone?) or comment that rubbed me the wrong way (seriously!?!).  but in a deeper way, letting go moment by moment will always be a work in progress.  a non-ending cycyle. and i'm at peace with that.

this year i let go of what i knew in order to receive what i could only hope for.  in a lot of ways, i think many of my reverb posts will reflect this same sentiment. 2010 was a big one. a life shaker. and in a very good way, i felt both boundless & safe. i let go of mediocrity (thank god!) and freed my hands up to embrace adventure, new horizons & limitless possibility. 

looking back, i see that i let go of the molehills for the mountains, and i tell you what: the view is damn good.  the hills are steep but my legs are strong. and the valleys? also totally worth it. go. go. go.
let. let. let. go. go. go.
let go. 

p.s. went hiking at bernheim today. this imagery is so fresh. more on that adventure soon!


Mary said...

So glad I found your blog!

I love this post.


2 Write said...

"I let go of the molehills for the mountains." Awesome! I love the way you put that.

Enjoyed reading all your posts on Reverb10. Good stuff!

And you are very fortunate to have 4 grandmas!