06 December 2010

day 6: make.

reverb 10 day 6 Prompt: Make. What was the last thing you made? What materials did you use? Is there something you want to make, but you need to clear some time for it?

oh gretchen, i'm so glad you asked! i've been wanting to share this project for a while! i have a darling friend paula who is a colleague, a stress-management facilitator, a fashionista, a mentor, a ZUMBA instructor, and perhaps most importantly: a dear friend.

for her birthday, i made a "wonderful things about Paula jar," inspired by this project over at kenner road {which i've been wanting to do since 2008! thank god for bookmarks!}. i started with a clean little jar who in a previous life held roasted red peppers.
step one: find a suitable jar & pull up the tutorial (online)!

step two: gather good looking paper scraps 

step three: thread top paper to base paper. use beautiful sparkling thread. hole punch both ends of wrap.

step four: use adhesive to firmly adhere wrap to jar.

step five: make "label" (used turquoise paper, french dictionary, marker & sparkling gold frame)
then use glue stick to adhere to wrap.
step six: use different color thread to hold wrap together firmly.
place buttons on both ends for decor. decorate top of jar with coordinating papers.
step seven: use scraps of coordinating papers and bundle for people to leave  a special love note. 
upon completion, i think you'll notice you've offered your creativity time to surface, and others' the opportunity to celebrate someone you admire! i try furiously to carve out time for this kind of goodness because its reward benefits me exponentially. 


Mary said...


You've inspired me to make a few of my own!


wholly jeanne said...

well, this is about the best present ever. (did i mention that my birthday is 2/14?) i know what a lot of people are getting for christmas now, thanks to you. santa c is smiling.

Amanda said...

super cute!

Kelli said...

Hi, just checking in with other Reverb10ers. Love this post and what a great idea for a gift. I always love to gift time or an experience rather than just "stuff". What better gift that to let someone know, by all their friends how special they are. I am so doing this. xo-Kelli