11 December 2010

my favorite christmas card/custom work order...ever!

i interrupt my regularly scheduled reverb post to share my favorite christmas card/custom work order...ever!

one of my nearest & dearest had moved to austin, tx a few years ago, and being the path maker she is, she picked up a new hobby: Yoga.

this is someone who, quite literally, couldn't touch her toes.

she: speaks fluent spanish, has seen many corners of the globe, does the gator chomp, and can eat massive amounts of galletas. she lives your cut-of-the-mill adventure-filled life.

so when she asked me to make her a custom card to gift her favorite yoga instructors with, i was, to say the least, flattered. i just found the picture of it in the archives of my computer and wanted to share with you today.

let's spend more time in this posture during 2011.
let's turn 2011 on its head 
excavate all the goodness waiting to be unearthed. 
sending love. 
xoxox stephanie

p.s. i love custom work requests. please contact me if you're interested.

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erin said...

love love love <3