23 December 2010

reverb 10: travel!

so you know what gets me, almost everyday, of this journey through reverb10? the synchronicity of it all! 2011 is absolutely turning out to be remarkable~thanks to the reflection & manifestation of all this goodness that abounds.

December 22 – Travel
How did you travel in 2010? How and/or where would you like to travel next year?
you won't believe me when i tell you what i'm about to tell you {or maybe you will!} but here's what news i received exactly one day before this prompt: I'm going to Ireland in April!!!! And I just found out on Tuesday. and the best part? It's work travel to an amazing conference: The 2nd Annual World Social Marketing Conference in Dublin! Wow---I'm so excited I can hardly stand myself! A few reasons: 
1. I've been hard at work on a pilot program at the University of Louisville, and this program has been accepted for a paper/presentation at the Conference. I'll be attending alongside some spectacular individuals, a Communication professor and the director of UofL's Health Management Program (aka: my boss). 
2. I haven't been out of the country in way too long!
3. PW gets to join in on all the fun! We're going to make a vacation of it.
southwest ireland via
So, 2011, travel? yes please. I'm so thrilled. And if you're thinking "you should get married over there!!!", hear this: you're not the first one to think/say that. Ironically (or maybe NOT), I have always adored the wedding in Tristan & Isolde (my FAVORITE movie), where part of the ceremony involves Isolde floating in on a river raft made of logs with her paddling bridesmaids. I'm sure my sister would totally go for that, don't you think?

cheers to Ireland!!!


Elloa said...

Oh Stephanie! I'm so excited for you both - and it does look exactly like the photo on your blog (the village I go to in sw ireland does, anyway!)

Much love for a golden Christmas... your golden year has inspired me and is helping me shape my intentions for 2011.

Elloa x

Amanda said...

I went to Ireland about 10 years ago and absolutely loved it. I definitely want to go again someday. Have an amazing time!

Jumbleberry Orchard said... is really odd - I work at a publishing company and one of the journals I'm working on will be promoted at that very conference! Maybe I'll go, in which case I will come and hear your work! Amazing!!

And Merry Christmas - have a wonderful time!

Shannon said...

Oh, you will be enchanted from the moment you de-plane. Dublin is one of my most favorite places to visit. I've been back to Ireland 3 times in 8 years (past two summers in a row). Enjoy!

erin said...

why am i finding out about this on your blog??? um, congrats and call me on your way back to KY, chica loca!

Elisse said...

Hello hello!! Hope you are doing well!

Just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year - enjoy your trip to Ireland!