16 December 2010

short letters to the world

dear grapefruit: you're delicious and i could eat you every morning if i had the patience & time.

dear snowday: i mean, iceday really, you were much needed.

dear one legged squats on a bench: i found muscles in my butt & legs i never knew existed. sitting down was easy before you. see sarah eat knows what i'm talking about.

dear acorn & butternut squash roasting in the oven: you know i love you.

dear christmas cards: you could, quite possibly, be my favorite part of the holiday season. sending swanky holiday cheer to those near & far? gahh, i love it!

dear mailman: yes, that is my RETURN TO SENDER envelope you have in your hand, couldn't you tell as i handed you 6 envelopes that look exactly the same? whatd'ya know? an extra stamp for mailing things to canada.

dear earl gray tea: i think i'm convinced you're a pretty good substitute for coffee. don't tell coffee.

dear painter & sculptor extraordinaire (aka: my hairdresser): you rock. there is nothing like a refresh on my roots & a little off here & there to make me feel like a babe.

dear dental assistant who probed my gums yesterday in three-spots on each tooth then told me "you would do well to floss more often:" DUH! i already knew that.

dear coffee: i lied to earl gray tea. i don't know what i would've done without you yesterday after that gum-probing.

dear bréne brown: i just got my inspiration bundle in the mail (personalised & autographed bookplates, bookmarks, & inspiration cards). and you better believe i am singing your praises. so loud my neighbors can probably here. no shame here, bréne. no shame!

dear house: i'm going to clean you in just a minute. promise.

dear reverb10: you're really turning me upside down & making me think deeply about this year. i needed that in a major way. i'm really appreciative of the hard work of kaileen elise, gwenbell, and caligater for pulling this together. there are many ways to thank you. this is one.

dear NYC: see you in a few weeks! ready to rock this.

dear golden year: you have shown me a few tricks, a few treats, and a whole lot of refinement. i wouldn't trade you for anything. nop, nothing. you've been solid, sparkling, and just what i needed.

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erin said...

ohhh you crack me up. i have the same grapefruit sentiments!