21 December 2010

trust what's ahead, 2011

{to be completely honest, i've been lying in bed/in pajamas since yesterday evening at 5:30pm. read: 27+hours of achy & exhausted & resting.  my body needed rest &it hit me hard monday morning. in an effort to be well, i listened. and its amazing what our bodies say when we listen. a. maze. ing! so here goes reverb10 after hanging in my nest alone like a little bird waiting for its wings}

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someone once told me that if God ever told us exactly what was coming, we'd never get out of bed.

if we had known what 2010 would bring, either we'd have been really eager or really scared (and perhaps some of the inbetween). never present. never peaceful. never with the ebb & flow of life.

i think said someone told me that when i was sixteen and my high school boyfriend had kissed another girl. classy. and by classy, i mean not classy.  and you know...

drama ensued. my whole world came crashing down because he kissed some other girl. in my corner of the world when i was a mere 16, i believed in the Jake Ryan's of the world: handsome, faithful, and ahem, behind the wheel of a porsche 911 turbo.

in the long run, the hot lips boyfriend wasn't that big of a deal (imagine that) but the lesson, that we can't know what our days will hold, has stuck to my ribs in the most meaningful way.

in a way that all things stick that are, at the same time, so poignant and so challenging.

the reverb10 prompt today had me thinking: 
what will 2011 hold and who am i to know 
(or even guess at it)

2010 was so blow-me-out-of-the-water good that i feel like all i can do these days is rise & shine & give every day my most whole-hearted self.

i could get specific, perhaps and write a letter to 2011 outlining a wee bit of what i hope for.  i will CERTAINLY map out a dream-board and make plans to greet the year with inspired action, but let's be very honest: i have a knowing deep inside that guides my decision making & {truthfully} has yet to fail me. call it what you may (God, intuition, the inner compass), but i have every faith that it will serve me well in 2011.

i hope you hold the same certainty (and challenge) in your chest as you approach the coming year.

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C said...

Steph please tell me it wasn't the exchange student.