30 January 2010

full moon dreamboard (a la jamie ridler studios)

{click the image to see bigger, more detail}
hello, fellow dreamers!
happy weekend to you. happy full moon. happy snowy saturday morning. happy work in progress. happy wherever you are is sacred. happy this is your life. happy i feel your pain. happy healing. happy golden year.

it is such a joy to celebrate a new decade. to walk, hand in hand, vulnerable, towards our more shining, more full selves. to be heart forward before the full wolf moon and mirror its glow in our lives, that is a privilege & a call we cannot ignore.

jamie ridler invites us once again to manifest our dreams & intentions in the form of a full moon dreamboard. she says:
"The Full Wolf Moon" starts us off powerfully for 2010!
This is the time when the wolves howl.
They howl their yearnings.
They howl their desires
They howl to connect with one another and to say “I am here!”
how can we speak our desires more clearly than to chop & crop images that represent them? i love the open page, the blank space to say exactly what i desire. here is my dream board, in full. here are my dreams of wellness, beautiful rooms, art & style,
a home to call our own, long bike rides for pleasure, "just because" balloons,
love, the removal of the armor,
the courage to believe in the possibility of my dreams.
here is my dreamboard for the new decade.
here are my dreams, wolfmoon.
see them in your bright, full light.
let me see them more clearly.

and seeing them, believe.
and believing them, live.
and living them, love.
and loving them, dream.
and dreaming them, awake.

29 January 2010

know this {by the remnant, feat scar]

i found this video via hula seventy, and i had to share it here.
it is unearthing and reflecting and ripe.
you will love it. i promise.

if my golden year had a theme song,
this could very well be it.
i love the audio/visual pairing...
sunlight pouring in

{happy weekend, ya'll!}

26 January 2010

like children do

i reinvented the PB&J this morning. i didn't have toast, so i threw a dollop of {natural} almond butter and a dollop of homemade jam on top of my oatmeal and i tell you what, it was delicious. that's the crayon in me, doing what it does to color my day. i tell you what, it was messy and probably looked weird, but it was so satisfying and so delicious. we should all be so quick to reinvent the wheel on old favorites. to pull out our crayons and go to town on a piece of paper (or a wall!) like children do.

but we don't really use crayons anymore, do we? we use UniBall "CheckSafe" pens with flowing ink and fine tips. We use razor sharp number 2 pencils. We write on ruled paper, college ruled paper. Actually, come to think of it, we do a lot of typing and printing, don't we?

i understand why efficiency is important, but we're talking LIFE. and not just any life, YOUR LIFE! your one, wonderous life. your reign over the hours you aren't working.

are you getting creative?

have you mastered the art of lipstick on the mirror?

(or expo markers via e.Wat?!)

are you scouring your craft box for the crayon sharpener?

breezing through journals


blissed out over some found epherma turned magic??

if you are, tell us about your magic. i hope you are. and i hope you're giving yourself the time and permission to do so freely. i think what the world needs now, along with loads of "love sweet love," are crayons, creativity & YOU!

20 January 2010

valentine's day cards, unveiled!

valentine's day is right around the corner! lots of new valentine's are up in the shop and there will be a constant flow of new designs between now and february 10th or so (to allow time for mailing, unless you're coming to louisville to pick yours up, or you'll be in austin, where i'll be spending valentine's day!)

due to the handmade nature of each card, no two are alike. so: get em' while you can!

ready, set, LOVE!


18 January 2010

so your new years resolutions are shifting a bit, eh?

i hear you.

it can be really hard to stick to the changes that we outline for ourselves. we are strict, structured and kind of mean when it comes to dealing with ourselves. and, while our health is really important to us, it's usually more important late at night when we're laying in bed evaluating how the day went, and not as important when someone is passing a plate of mexican wedding cookies our way. the cookies win every time, right?

not right.

now is the time to evaluate what matters most, and how you can find a balanced lifestyle that works for you, justtt for youuu!
(really! you're that special, wonderful and unique!)

i know i've told you about my 2009 health shifts, and i've shared some here & there about why i need goals, and what has worked, but here, my friends, is a document for how to outline your own personal goals. here are my:
(this is a google document i'm sharing with you. click the link to open/download.)

i wrote this for myself, in order to reflect on what worked and how i achieved my wellness goals. i'm sharing it with you now, because i believe it's about that time when the new years resolutions start shifting a bit. they start getting hard or you start getting soft about them. whatever it is, feel free to share your thoughts, comment on whats working/not working for you, and how we can encourage you along the journey.

xo stephanie

15 January 2010

the table is set: a creative to do list for the weekend

the table is set. all of the work has been done. it is time to celebrate. the long weekend is finally here! what will you do this weekend? how will you celebrate? here's my creative weekend to do list, inspired by the ever faithful, kaileen elise!)

1. make paul a delicious, simple soup tonight.
2. begin to lay out full moon dream board, a la jamie ridler studios. the first full moon of a new decade? yes please! my intention: to create a concrete vision of my dreams.
3. rise & shine! start of my weekend with a fulfilling, gentle Saturday morning.
4. grab coffee with mark thomp, my old friend from charleston, who just moved to louisville! {hooray!}...then, we will proceed to run 9 miles. half marathon training is in full swing!
5. research hannah's "things i'm loving right now." re: that wallpaper via anthropologie
6. write blog post about compassionate giving. topic was sparked by this weeks tragedy in haiti, a five dollar bill, and my lost bag of sparkling pens...
7. make 10 valentines to post in my Etsy shop...and then reward my hard with with hot yoga on Sunday! {with alicia}
8. determine financial outlook for 2010. getting my own pretty pennies in line for the year ahead.
9. write well coach introduction letter and spiff up resume! very exciting endeavor {more on this soon!}
10. a few good meals, many tall glasses of water, some phone time with friends and at least one, if not more, hot, relaxing bubble bath!

whats on your list this weekend?
do you share any of these activities? hopes? intentions?
wishing you a satisfying, joy-filled and creative weekend!

11 January 2010

refining the golden spirit within

(my golden year began in new york city, photograph by victoria wall )

if i'm honest with the inspiration of my life, i have found recently that i don't take enough time for myself. i always catch myself doing something for other people, rather than tending to my own secret garden. you're probably thinking, that's a really great problem to have, but the truth is, when i look back over time, i feel like i lose the forest for the trees.

since this is an honest space for me to come to terms with some of the obstacles in my life, i'd like to say that this obstacle has made me trip over myself too often for me to be comfortable with. i'm really pleased with my relationships and my commitments, but 2010 is going to be a year where i work on myself and my growth. i'm going to be spending 2010 taking more time for me.

though i plan on rolling out some ideas for HOW TO do this (in case you share this problem), i figured the first priority was to create a list of really fantastic me time activities.

me time consists of:
working out
hot yoga
visiting friends
making cards/journals/mixed media pieces
dreaming about the future
taking pictures
sending letters
putting iron & wine on repeat and lighting my favorite candle
getting quiet
taking long, hot bubble baths
reading books
making phone calls to friends far away
listing/selling heart piercing cards
doing fun crazy things that suite my fancy

this must sound so normal to some folks. but for me, these are rare gems in the hurried pace of my life. while i've been incredibly busy trying to create change in my life, i've been loud and active and scattered. therefore, i have not applied my full self to any one endeavor. i am looking forward to slowing down, taking time to make tiny discoveries in my heart & soul; polishing and refining the golden spirit within.

i was so excited to find out that i won a Gratitude Journal over at Spring Inspiration this week. i want to "live inspired." i want to count my blessings everyday. i want to be a bit more into myself, my growth, and my inner lioness this year. i want to go through whatever fire i need to go through in order to come out a more brilliant, more refined piece of gold. i am here for the slow, long haul. i am here to carve out time to create the life that i intend to live, day in and day out.

how often do you take time for you? where can you give yourself more attention, more time, and most importantly: more love?

p.s. if you want an example of someone who is living the dream, an artist extraordinaire, glowing and shaking and shining, then jump over to victoria's website. she's my dearest friend, a talented photographer with the biggest heart you can conceive, living in brooklyn, ny. (ash and) i had the serious pleasure of staying with her, her rocker fiance and darling dog for a few days and living at the fingertips of her inspiring mind. what a treat!

08 January 2010

k a i l e e n e l i s e

since my return from nyc, which afforded me a whopping eleven hours of travel time, i've had simplifying and setting intentions on my mind. one of my recent joys has been establishing a friendship with the lovely, talented, and sparkling kaileen elise. a couple of month's ago i declared her my blog crush, and this sunday night, when i schlepped my suitcase us the snowy driveway, i found a package and two letters from this sweet lady. talk about making this girl happy. if you know one thing about me its that i LOVE a handwritten letter. (and a package, too!)

her kindness and joyfulness ought to reach you too, as you can see from above, she has make some pretty significant declarations for 2010. so quick, before you get lost in the internet ether, head over to her website and connect with kaileen elise. hopefully she'll inspire you to scribble down a creative weekend to do list, or layout an inspiration board for the month ahead. she's good like that. you'll see.

xox, happy friday folks. more from me soon.

06 January 2010

2010, intention setting

(live your dreams, heart piercing cards, sold. custom available upon request)
dear 2010:

you're going to be my golden year. you're going to teach me how to shine, even when it's easier to shrink back and be dull. i am setting my intentions on living a more illuminated, more shining life.

i've been toying with the idea of what success means. looking at wat i accomplished in 2009 (and lack thereof) and evaluating it honestly, i see that in many moments, i was shining and bright. those are moments i remember with joy, ease, and so much heart. there were also moments of shame, sorrow, and sadness. moments when i couldn't understand the process, i couldn't communicate the need, and i definitely didn't work towards greatness. it was a fine balance, 2009, but in 2010, i'm ready to tip the scales in the direction of more joy, more ease, more laughing out loud, more courage, and more heart, too. i am ready dive in. i am tired, so tired, of the shore.

(i am ready to be more like that silly girl on the left, in her mama's lap. more monkey. less business.}

2009 was good to me, don't get me wrong. its just that it was easy to stroll along the shore, and it wasn't the change of scenery i'd hoped for, the change of course i plotted, or the exciting new adventure i have been longing for. 2009 was more grey and dull. 2010, you will be bright and shining. You will bring out all that is bright and shining within me, and you will offer me a chance to share it with the world.

2009 taught me a lot about how much challenge i need, and how, when faced with long term decisions, i have a tendency to shrink back a bit. it also taught me that i operate fiercely well with goal-setting, and feedback is an imperative part of my growth. it taught me that coaching is one of my gifts, and it's one i want to share with the world. it taught me that even when all else fails, love is truly enough.

but 2010, you're the start of a new decade. i want to look back at my life and say you were the spark. so i declare, 2010, that you will be my golden year. i will dive into your fire and emerge more refined. i will hold back no more. i will live more illuminated, more on fire, more sparkling.

your little{golden}nugget,


04 January 2010

words for 2010

living my life like its golden
living my life like its golden by esteffi

my words for 2010: golden, illuminated, sparkling, and radiant.
can't wait to share more!