06 June 2010

ordinary is extraordinary

curious & searching for a routine these days, i've given myself the month of June to invest in radical self care and indulge in extraordinary efforts to live my most golden year. i know, you've heard it before but the truth is i'm a little bit off my rocker, lately. i little bit between on my way and where in the hell do i go from here?

i am craving a new routine that i cannot, for the life of me, seem to figure out.

i am dying for some motivation.

i am hoping that somehow, in the midst of the ordinary, the extraordinary will unveil itself.

so, instead of sitting around and hoping, i am going to THROW it all out there.  yep, like a new mondo beyondo list.  a little something something to think about.

i want:
~to have a carefree, feel good summer. sunshine and cookouts and activity.
~to be oh-so-comfortable in my skin. every curve and every pore. to look good and feel good from the inside out.
~a morning routine that feels right. i want to be energized & clear. no more haze.
~a workout partner. yep. i said it. any takers?
~to keep a blog that i want to read. stop envying other people's stories and start telling more of my own.
~my work/life boundary to be clear. lunchtime walking & healthy snacks & after-work gym time.
~more appreciation, less complaining, more gratitude and reflection, less worry and comparison.
~to start planning a blogger meetup. a lovebomb of sorts among our community of chicas.
~pw to find his way, a comfortable path that is challenging and exciting
~more quality time with family and friends (and maybe a few new local friends, while we're at it)
~a more professional wardrobe
~a clearer vision about what graduate program i'd like to pursue

these are just a few of the things floating around in my mind. the rulers i'm holding up and not exactly measuring up to...i am not trying to sound like a perfectionist, but i feel like there are times in our life when we start to think about areas where we can modify, and these are the areas that come up for me.

(please tell me i'm not the only one!)

the final line to this story is this: ordinary is extraordinary. we were made for this: the seasons of life, change, change, change.  and the growth we experience in the process is, in fact, the journey itself.  so i am doing my best to enjoy the process. (always a theme in my life)

can you relate to these feelings? what is on your Mondo Beyondo list this summer?