15 January 2011

a grounded 2011

practice creative affirmations
hellooooo, mid-January:
fancy seeing you here. i thought i had a bit more time to carve out space for intention; alas, you have arrived. much like new years past, 2011 has come quickly & continues to unravel at a swift pace.

much like last year, i made space for christine kane's word of the year worksheet. i started with a fresh worksheet, then i took my finest pen (oh you know me & pens!) and got to work. the excavation. the road blocks. the wisdom down-deep. she says: "when the word you choose is authentically you-- you'll continually be surprised at what it teaches you throughout the year."

my lovely stepmom alicia completed the worksheet in a day and found her words for the year: serene honesty. that'a girl: way to get clear & focused. and to make it a real one-two punch, that lucky little duck asked for the best christmas present i could ever think to give: MONDO beyondo! (which just so happened to start on her birthday! go binky go.) 2011 will hold some goodness & abundance & discovery for her. for you. and for me, too.

from the w-o-t-y worksheet, a word, a concept, emerged for me: grounded.  defined as being "mentally and emotionally stable; admirably sensible, realistic & unpretentious."  

after a major growth spurt in 2010, and refinement, challenge & change, i am ready, really ready, to get grounded. many that know me would tell you that i do chaos really well. i'm a master multi-tasker. from my reflection: "My current default is to throw it into panic mode & barrell through." {Sidenote: the vulnerability that emerges as I type that is daunting. and thick.}  But it is my current way. And we can't celebrate growth or depth if we don't take a true account of the way things are. 

so 2011 will be about the flow. and enjoying it. and finding a peaceful pace among the pack. not lead. not follow. steady commitment, deep rooting, intimate exploration, firm foundation, inner knowing.

grounded & knowing deeply that all stages of growth are meaningful & opportunities for possibility: digging, planting, waiting, changing seasons, budding, blossoming, changing colors, drying out, falling, decomposing, replanting. and the cycle begins again. 

I think it needs to be mentioned that i have a firm belief: seeds will bloom.  I have no doubt that any ounce of dream or desire that lies within each of us will come to fruition in due time. I understand that is a bold statement, yet i say that with a firmness & a fierceness that will scare away even the darkest inner gremlins. it is not a lesson I learned the easy way. it came with time. and in due time.

something sideswiped me yesterday. "bad news bears," as my sister and i used to say growing up. disappointment. a change of course. and i sobbed. and it was sad. and did i mention, disappointing? but guess what? this is life.

filled with an inherent goodness, the right opportunities, and yes, the right seeds. so when a course changes? we change. we take time to process, mourn losses, get grounded, and then, move forward.  its a chance, an opportunity to display our graces, stake our course, encounter obstacles, and overcome them.

sad story aside, i know that this year holds opportunity aplenty. and this is one of many of the leaps & bounds i'll encounter. and if i take this one in stride, i'll be better prepared for the next. and if i can grow because of it, then damn. i make out on the better end of the bargain, don't i?

2011, i plan to hold you close. get to know you. call you my friend. encounter you with grace, honesty & an inner knowing. among my plans are these details:
keep loved ones close.
celebrate at every corner. {often with champagne}

keep love in focus.

tell my true story {artwork by ali edwards.}

ceremoniously be wed to pw {image source}
strengthen my yoga practice

keep body & mind healthy & whole

so: without further adieu, i greet a grounded 2011 with my whole heart & offer my whole self to its lessons, possibilities and wonder. 
stephanie alaine

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leigh said...

congrats on this beginning...beautifully written as usual!
P.S.: Coach and I gave my cousin Mondo Beyondo for HER birthday (jan 7th) and she started this session too! they are in the same 'class'!
Her name is Alissa Hoover... xoxo