31 January 2011

keep it simple

surprise! happy birthday, caroline!
surprises. sisters. simplicity. sexy dresses. support. someone to talk to. sitting still. sticking to your guns. scheming goodness. snooze button. schoolwork. spontaneity. sparkling wine. solitude. i'm overwhelmed with the goodness of the obvious these days. that the simple joys are most often the ones that move us to the core. 

i had the absolute pleasure of surprising my sister with a surprise visit for her birthday weekend, and, as you can tell, she was beside herself with excitement. and so surprised. it might not get better than this. we had such a blast. a honkin' good time. all of this thanks to my brother in law, whose idea it was.

you may not know this, but at one point in my life i was a sorority girl {gasp?}. and while that is a closed chapter of my life, there is one quote from KD that i will always carry with me: “OUT OF SUCH PURE AND SIMPLE BEGINNINGS GROW GREAT AND WONDERFUL THINGS,” - LENORA ASHMORE BLACKISTON

maybe she's onto something, huh? keep it simple. one foot in front of the other. tipping towards the positive. showing up in simplicity and, therefore, fullness. starting the day off right. 
sending love to you.



lacy said...

Oh what I wouldn't give to be able to surprise my sister with a visit! Sweetest post.

erin said...

you would tie a bow around your head :)

CTR said...

Best birthday surprise! I love you and am so thankful to have wonderful and supportive sister- thanks again for the awesome celebration- love CTR

Carolyn said...

Aren't sisters the BEST???