13 February 2011

changed perspective

i've been working on a blog post about bellies for more than two weeks. it's the worst case of writers block i've ever come up against. this post is hiding out in my insides as a product of twenty six years of belly-tangled emotions, expectations, and fortunately-or-unfortunately: the desire to be hidden. stay tuned... that's coming up once i can process further.

in the interim and on a completely different note, i found this photo on my friend erin's sister's facebook profile (no joke! hi kelsey!) and i downloaded the hi-res version (hello new facebook feature!) and in an instant it struck me as what we all need from time to time. no, no, not a headstand, however, those are very conducive to the end product: a changed perspective.
a changed perspective

sure. we need blue skies (hello, florida); sisters; sand between our toes; comfortable hoodies; long walks; fresh water; good friends; and warm, sunny days; but most of all, we need the opportunity to turn ourselves upside down and see the world from a different point of view.

what you can't tell from this picture, is that erin just took a huge, major leap.  erin: my amazing friend i met halfway around the world,  who has been known to do headstands, who i ran the austin half marathon with a year ago tomorrow,  who layed her dreams out on canvas,  erin who still owes HPL readers a recap of her yoga retreat, erin the extraordinaire...

erin quit her job, bought a plane ticket to india, drove her car halfway across the country (with her adorable pup Colby), and is gearing up for the wedding experience of a lifetime (hi ramji!). she pretty much wasn't going to settle for the status quo any more, so she is letting her life guide her from this place, forward. with trust, hope and  solid inner knowing. 

her story, these kinds of stories, give me a lot of hope. they flip my anxious ways onto their head and remind them who's boss. if order to live a really full life, must one choose the things, the places, the people, the opportunities that make them come alive? i think so. and i think that's true for erin, for me, and for you, too. 

it's been a mondo beyondo week over here (hi pw! your stories next!), and despite the excavating that's still left to be done (hello, belly post), there is a lot to celebrate, and a lot to get still about, too. hope you find the opportunity for the changed perspective. 

i hope you enjoy a happy sunday filled to the brim with the goodness that makes you come alive.

xoxo stephanie

p.s. i know erin will read this post, so if you have a moment, feel free to leave her a  hope note in the comments: i know she'll tuck them into the pockets of her heart as she embarks on this next adventure! xoxo


Elloa said...

Stephanie! Erin! What a beautiful post!

Thank you both... and mondo beyondo? Are you taking a class with that title? My friend Julia is on it - would be amazing if this was such a small world.

I am in dire need of a changed perspective... headstand and seeing things differently, here I come!

Elloa x

kate said...

bonjour stephanie! such a great post, i am in the process of changing perspectives as well. looking on the brighter side of things...a lot easier said than done.
erin- best wishes for all your upcoming adventures!


Mary said...

Love it! I could use a changed perspective in a few areas. Thanks for this.

erin said...

Wow, you are the best! Here I am thinking I'm crazy for more reasons than one, and then you use my own self to change my perspective. seriously, love you so much.

Can't wait to hear what's in store for PW!