21 February 2011

short letters to the world, second installation

dear pants: why you gotta be so tight these days?

dear green tea: you're really working my patience, this whole 4% of the caffeine in coffee bull. as if that health-inducing excitement was enough to help me kick my terrible, under-caffeinated mood.

dear wedding plans: move yourself promptly to the front burner. its officially time to get this party started.

dear rae: paul & i always laugh more when you've been here. thanks for making a sunday night so fun! and bringing delicious 1970's slow-cooker sweet potato chili. you're the best. 

dear research methods class: giving me an assignment to "review the following statistical concepts and techniques" on wikipedia is just asking for me to spend two hours scrolling through carol hannah's blog and coveting other people's lives. 

dear yogi teas: your inspiration quotes are my favorite. every tea bag should have a string and a zen quote attached.  i'm particularly fond of purely peppermint and rejuvenating (caution: see above) green tea.

oh damn, yogi teas: now you've really done it. you have a well wishes tree? and i can send myself a little hope note with a life-sized version of my favorite teabag mantra (of late?). now i REALLY love you.  {yes, yes i did send myself a well wish, signed by, myself. }

dear pw: this is a big week for you! i am so proud of you for continuing to believe in your passions and for continuing to put one foot in front of the another as you follow your path. this is a big shift, and i am hear with confetti, champagne & kisses, ready to celebrate you!

dear iron & wine: we go way back and i love you more each album. 

dear tanner, college-brother who is probably way too cool to be calling me on a monday night but you did anyway and we had a really wonderful conversation, complete with you telling me how much you like my art work and sealing the call with a solid "i love you steph." you don't know how much that means to little old me. 

dear we yoga's power vinyasa class that got cancelled tonight because the power went out on that one block of downtown louisville: boooo. i was looking forward to that all day. i'll be back for more next week!

dear stomach: its almost time for your favorite dish of the year: walnut miso noodles with fresh veggie toppings acting as sprinkles. i love sprinkles!

dear monday: you were a whopper. but a sister has got to laugh, some how, some way. short letters to the world have a way of making that possible. 


Rachel said...

Dear Steph,

Thanks for making my day, week, month, year, LIFE! Sorry about the sleep dial - hahaha!

VataGrl said...

love this.. so inspiring and lovely!

CTR said...

These type of blog posts might be my favorite.
1) They make me LAUGH
2) They make me reflect on the short letters I would write to myself.

Love you- C