19 March 2011

fitbook update

hello, weekend! i'm so happy you're here~ it's been a whopper of a week & today i need the permission to transport myself into full-relaxation mode. tommorrow holds a fun adventure (more on that soon!) and today is saturday: possibly my favorite day of the week. pw & i have started a new saturday morning ritual: walking frankfort avenue for connectedness & coffee, first thing once we wake up. it's quickly becoming something i look forward to (and an easy way too sneak in an extra 5,000 steps)!

as promised, i wanted to fill you all in on my newest health & wellness endeavor: fitbook!
as you may recall, in 2009 i found myself really motivated by writing down my workouts & keeping a food journal. this was a really empowering discipline for me, it gave me a good look at my habits & helped me set {realistic} goals and ACHIEVE them. that was empowering, inspiring & confidence-building. 

after major shifts in 2010, and not quite getting my fitness bearings back, i decided to look for another "support system" and then i discovered the fitbook! this little 5.5" beauty is totally functional, well-designed and a practical companion for all your health & wellness goals. they even have a man edition, a kid edition, and a PINK edition (for breast cancer awareness).  i choose the standard fitbook : )

after setting some goals for myself, i got to filling out my stats in the "current" section & scheduling 12 weeks worth of workouts! here is a glimpse: 

my personalized fitbook (on top of my curly girl calendar--helped me  w/scheduling!)
complete with yoga, strength training, biking, tennis, hiking, mileage goals for running & more, this little seƱorita is ready for an active & healthy spring! it's good to know yourself; once you determine what motivates you, you're able to put your money where you mouth is and get moving. i may have a little winter weight to shed, but more importantly, setting fitness goals & working towards achieving them makes me feel strong from the inside-0ut. it helps me be most comfortable in my own skin when i know i am moving & shaking with the best of em' : )

what motivates you once winter turns to spring? how are you kicking it into high-gear this march? 

sending my love & support your way!

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CTR said...

I love the idea of planning out my workouts. For me... M, W & F are 6:00 AM gym workouts. Tue and Thurs are my days off.

I should start planning my weekend work outs in advance... family hikes, yoga on Sunday, morning run with the dogs on a busy Saturday. I always think about what I'm going to do but it will be much more producitve if I write it down.

Thanks for the great suggestion- love!