07 March 2011

in the middle of the sea

the question is:
 how did we get so far out to sea?

summer on lake michigan
how are we still standing?
didn't we see the clouds rolling in?
the storm in the distance,
threatening our serenity
or were we, 

finding calm in the middle of the sea is no small task.
but it is a meaningful one.

this has to be one of my favorite photos of all time.
shall i leave it up to your imagination?
or tell you more?

tell me something {totally off topic}: what energizes you?
can't wait to hear.
i'm working on finding my energy sources & tapping into them [fully]!


Mary said...

Fresh Air!

Melita said...

i love this pic! i am SO looking forward to this kind of weather again soon. :) hugs & namaste!!

Analiese said...

Love the photo.

Energized by: laughter, dance, yoga, meditation, fresh air, talks with kindred souls, learning, fresh fruits and vegetables, solitude, and creative projects!

Jumbleberry Orchard said...

Big open spaces: mountains, sea, rolling hills.

Yoga in the sea? What amazing balance you have! :-)

Elisse said...

Belly aching laughs and hugs are always energizing in my books!

kate said...

yoga on the water looks like a great way to energize but relax at the same time. i always feel energized when the sun is shining, spending time with dear friends, sharing a homemade meal, creating something, talking to my mom on the phone, and walking hand in hand with my love and our silly dog, Ellington.