17 May 2011

abandonment? no. adventures.

omg. yes it has been nearly two months since my last post. yes i did consider abandoning my blog altogether, taking it out of the signature line in my personal email account, and trying to sell the domain name (ha!). but i'm back, at last, with fun adventures, to boot!

first off, just so you know, it's still crazy old me. 
ready for a night at red hog~ wearing my swanky adam lippes skirt

second of all: what the hell have i been doing all this time? hmm, let me bring you up to speed. Other than working full time...
  1. Grad School (and two A's to show for it! woot woot)
  2. Hosting Family: Paul's and My family
  3. Hello, first saturday in May (aka Kentucky Derby)
  4. Getting cozy with my iPhone (long overdue)
  5. Making delicious spring meals with farm fresh produce
  6. Celebrating Mother's Day + Easter
  7. Wedding Planning + Projects
  8. Watching my brothers' band, From Coast To Skyline,  release their first EP on iTunes (p.s. OMG how handsome are my brothers!)
  9. (last but certainly not least) A 30-day hot yoga cleanse!
Tonight's post is going to be a review in photos, that's always a good way to ease back into blogging (what if i forgot how to spell?!)

Robert at HoundDog Press (save the dates sent!)

Paul working a tasting at his alma mater.

marie antoinette inspired room at whitehall

paul's parents: lovely

my parents (Easter!)

From Coast to Skyline (and heart piercing card's album cover!)

wedding project (more to come on this one)

derby thank you card (sidenote: i've still got the touch)

proper ingredients for the kentucky classic mint julep (with a rye twist)

sporting couple (excuse our matching wayfarers [paul's fault])

no joke view of the 137th running of the kentucky derby.

so there you have it! my life the past two months. oh wait, you wanted to hear about the 30 day hot yoga cleanse? how about a sneak peek picture and more soon on the process, the challenge, the heat?

10 of the 20 brave cleansers! wowza! we did it!
wooohooo! ok, so how's that for two months in photos? i've left so much out, this is a quick look at the many adventures that have been holding me. more to come. promise! 

p.s. all photos are copyright heart piercing life.  please do not copy them without permission.


Melita said...

hey!! glad you are back. looks like you had a pretty awesome 2 months off (from blogging that is lol). hugs!!

Elloa said...

Wonderful to read about your adventures again Stephanie. I'd been wondering where you were. Love your creativity, love your words, love your images.

Elloa xx

marybethboswell said...

Stephanie, yours is the only blog I've bookmarked and really care to read so when you do post, it's a gift to me. You're brave enough to share what the rest of us feel but don't know how to put into words (or pictures, or art, or whatever!). Don't know what 30 day yoga session is like but certainly sounds cathartic and good!

Sarah said...

Glad to see you have been good busy and doing so well :) Love the pictures and miss you, hope we can catch up soon!