04 June 2011

it will find you

abundance arrives

do you ever wonder when that longed for change will come? the opportunity you've been hoping for? the partner to delight in? the diagnosis to determine the source of the pain? the sleep you long for? the yes that comes after a long series of no's? 

i don't have the change, the opportunity, the partner, the diagnosis, the sleep or the yes, or anything else you're waiting for for that matter. but i believe that whatever it is, it will find you.  it will arrive however it chooses: wrapped or unwrapped; maybe a bow, maybe not. it will arrive in perfect time, in perfect form. it will be exactly the size and shape and portion you need.

all you need to do? knock. pray. go about your journey. be caught in the act of enjoying yourself. let the belief that it will find you give you great confidence. 

because when we wait with great confidence, we act now as if we were already in possession of the thing that we're longing for. and being filled, we fill others. and they begin to believe the wait was worth it, too. and abundance arrives, delights, and decides to stay. for all time.

cross my heart: it will find you, too. 

1 comment: said...

Yes! This is when life becomes so much easier. Thank you for putting it into words.