19 June 2011

ode to my fathers

dad. big smile. siblings. + me.
daddy dave + me. big smiles. love.

i am a lucky, lucky girl. i get to call and wish a happy father's day to two wonderful men.  so loving in so many ways. so different, but together just the dads a girl like me needs. it's not enough to say "thank you for being a great dad," or "wish i could bbq some chicken for you tonight, dad;" no, i feel like there really isn't anything i could do or say to my fathers (or mothers) that would properly pay them the homage they deserve.

it's not that i wouldn't try, but no words or act of love could properly fulfill the grand proportion of grace, abundance, creativity, independence, and humility with which i've been parented. so i say thanks, reflect on the abundant blessings, and give a big smile to the memories which i'm so fortunate to have. then we go make some more.

either way: happy father's day to the fathers of our world. keep showing up, in the full force of love, goodness, learning and authenticity. and thanks. we're all better off for me. 

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Kaileen Elise said...

Lovely post, Steph! Happy Father's Day :)