15 October 2011

location. location. location.

cloudless blue sky
when you get the privilege of hand-picking the day for your special event, you can control everything about that day, down to the most intricate of details. but what you can't choose is the weather, the temperature, or the way the wind will blow. you get what cha' get.

about a week before the wedding,  people kept saying "the ten day forecast looks beautiful," or "looks like you'll have a sunny wedding day." i'd smile and pretend to care, but really, i didn't. a long while back, i resigned all control of the details of this day. i had a few minor demands (keep reading) and i might have said something on a mothers-sister-bride conference call about no guests wearing black (?!?!), but otherwise, the weather, the finite details of the day, the menu of the rehearsal dinner, it was all a wash to me and paul. 

ultimately, we decided on louisville because it was a place we knew and loved.  there are handfuls of vendors here that we personally knew and wanted to give our business, tell them what we were thinking and let them do their thing. the majority of our guests were going to travel no matter where we decided to have our wedding, and we fell in love in this city, so it just felt right.

oh right... we realized we need a place to actually have the wedding. we tossed around the idea of paul's church and a darling restaurant we loved right down the street. that didn't settle quite right (though stay tuned for more on the darling restaurant)... and then there was Whitehall: historical home and gardens, with just the right amount of french-american victorian era inspiration, and green space that inspires and delights. 

and then it was settled. louisville. whitehall. october. the only open date in october was sunday the 2nd, and we snatched it up. i still remember when paul called me at work earlier this year to tell me the date was available. i about leaped out of my chair. merrill was an absolute delight to work with, and after an official tour of the house and ground, anybody would be so happy to host their event at whitehall. 

we finally had a location and a date! once these details were in place, the ideas really started rolling. and not that anyone's looking for advice, but that whole "let your heart lead the way" really is quite the trick.  when you settle into your own ideas and get really clear on what you love, it all kind of magically happens. that's true of life, isn't it? mumford and sons put it well: "where you invest your love, you invest your life."

so back to the weather, i caved a few days before the wedding and this is what i saw:

67 and sunny. hell yes.
a bride can't buy that kind of a weather report. so we set out to celebrate, all weekend long, with 70+ of our closest family and friends surrounding us.  and we did. and it was amazing. and we are still beaming over some of the small details that came together so beautifully. without micro-managing. without worry and anxiety in abundance. there was, what i like to think, the right amount of tension: enough so that you knew this was a special event, but not a paralyzing amount that made everything feel like tip-toeing on a tightrope.

Family at the chili dinner

family at the rehearsal (and V, mistress of ceremonies!)

membrillo at red hog with erincita (looking tan! thanks iphone)

our mischievous friends, looking sweet 
and so i'll end this second overview with our itenerary for the weekend, or what my dad called, the calendar of events:

thursday: errands all day with mom and sister
friday: special deliveries, last minute preparations, family dinner (aka: chili cookoff!)
saturday: rehearsal at whitehall and "rehearsal dinner" (or what PW and i called "cheers to you" dinner)
sunday: bridal shower (not your average bridal shower! stay tuned for many deets), followed by the wedding and reception. 

are you still here? i hope so. it strikes me that i should apologize if this space turns into a bit of a wedding gush for a while. its just that i don't want to forget these details and the very best way for me to share/save them is to write about them here. i hope you won't mind. i promise to keep it as fresh and authentic as possible. 

sending love your way on this saturday morning. 

my husband is making pumpkin pancakes and scrambled eggs... life is calling.  xoxoxo S

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