10 October 2011

the season of love

oh my, oh my, this negligent blogger is ready for a return. as many of you have heard, i'm a new Mrs. and the entire wedding weekend filled me with enough inspiration, insight and love that i cannot hold back! 

not only do i want to share wedding details, but i'd also really like to highlight some special vendors and share some stories about why we did what we did. how about a photo to kick off my highlight summary post?
paul & i before the "rehearsal" dinner
when we sat down to plan our wedding, which was the culmination of a 14-month engagement, i must admit i was a very different person than i am today.  something about the ceremony of a wedding---and the planning that goes into it---changes you.  it connects you to the people you know and love (whether they are married or not) in a unique way, and to a history of love that is much older and wiser than you and i. it's humbling and exhilarating, unique to every person and a part of each of us.

for me, weaving meaningful aspects of ourselves into the events and traditions of a wedding was the MOST exciting part and what made the whole process worth it.  i mean yes, i get this incredible, committed, wonderful man to call my husband---that's great beyond words----but we could have made that commitment on the beaches of somewhere exotic or on a mountaintop somewhere picturesque, but that just didn't seem to settle right. we knew in our heart of hearts we wanted to share that commitment before our family and friends, eloping sounded sexy but not quite right.
sweet reminder

don't get me wrong, we talked seriously about it. i am of the mindset, "if it doesn't serve you, throw it out,"  and a lot of wedding traditions didn't suite paul and i. so thus began many months of inspiration seeking and combing through everything that's out there. when 2011 kicked off, we took a walk, looked each other in the eyes, and got to planning. we had to think seriously about the ceremony, the themes, the decorations, and (very seriously) about the food and "beverage program" (ahem, yes, I said beverage program)---but mostly we had to get clear on:
  1. what we wanted
  2. how to navigate the wedding industry in a way that produced a meaningful event (and didn't burn holes in pocketbooks)
  3. (perhaps most importantly) how to get our families (and dear friends) on board for the adventure (because people, it takes a VILLAGE!).
i think the last three things were pivotal to the inevitable transformation. and now, post-wedding, paul and i couldn't be more delighted with the outcome, the generous amounts of love and support we've received, and to wake up each morning, pinch one another's rosy cheeks and thank our lucky stars. we are super blessed and we know it.
look at those smiles.

so true!

wedding day self portrait (loads more to this story!)
so that's the start to the story. it's going to unravel in many parts, so i hope you'll join me for the adventure. if you could care less about weddings (which i totally understand), check in from time to time for pretty pictures and some fun inspiration about awesome louisville businesses! much love from kentucky! xoxox


Elisse said...

Congrats on your wedding and I can't wait to hear about all the lovely details!!

Elloa said...

And thank you for the opportunity to reflect on my own engagement. My love and I had our first proper wedding conversation last night and I sense that we're about to embark on our own unique process with it.

Sarah @ See Sarah Eat said...

Congratulations Stephanie! I can't wait to hear more about your wedding. Mine was wonderful but looking back there are a lot of things I wish we'd done and some I wish we hadn't. But I'm my parents only child so we kind of had to go all out, ha ha.