03 November 2011


when paul and i first got engaged (june 2010), we were super excited.
engaged. and it was vacation, too!
but we had no idea, none, about what we wanted to do with our wedding ceremony and celebration.
and. we had three lovely sets of friends whose weddings were just around the corner.
{{happy 1 year anniversary: kenny & victoria: julie & corey: lauren & drew}
so we waited for the inspiration.
and then it was new years {cheers!} 
and we were in NYC. and PW turned 29.
and we celebrated.
oh yes, we celebrated!
photo by victoria harris

and on our mega bus trip back to DC from NYC, we considered some ideas
then, let them settle into our bones.
tossed and turned them in our minds.
made some decisions.
yes, us.
(our moms were so proud.)

thank god for hounddog press
robert loved that i was taking a photo of him. 
robert and nick are two handsome fellows who run a kick-ass letterpress shoppe in downtown louisville. and they were so nice to little indecisive me.
as i started looking for inspiration, i knew we had to have some funky save the dates that channeled the "feel" of our vintage, latin themed wedding.

and then like inspiration always does. 
it struck me one day that it was ok to want a wedding filled with
old gold,
scarlet red.
so that's what we chose.
not that we did anything so official with this palette, 
but, it was ours to work from,
and it guided some of our major decisions.
 the save the date!
the first look at the finished product
uni-ball silver pens made addressing easy peasy!
and then, ultimately, the invitation.
but that should wait for another day, don't cha think?
also...stay tuned for a weekend update about an awesome project that i came up with.
how's this for a sneak peek?!?!

love is in the air.
no matter what the season.
stay tuned.

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Sarah @ See Sarah Eat said...

I love this! I wish I'd realized when I got married that some things were okay to do (and not do for that matter). But I was young and I'm an only child so I did a lot of what my parents wanted. Oh well, it was still a great day and I got a great husband out of it ;)