19 March 2011

fitbook update

hello, weekend! i'm so happy you're here~ it's been a whopper of a week & today i need the permission to transport myself into full-relaxation mode. tommorrow holds a fun adventure (more on that soon!) and today is saturday: possibly my favorite day of the week. pw & i have started a new saturday morning ritual: walking frankfort avenue for connectedness & coffee, first thing once we wake up. it's quickly becoming something i look forward to (and an easy way too sneak in an extra 5,000 steps)!

as promised, i wanted to fill you all in on my newest health & wellness endeavor: fitbook!
as you may recall, in 2009 i found myself really motivated by writing down my workouts & keeping a food journal. this was a really empowering discipline for me, it gave me a good look at my habits & helped me set {realistic} goals and ACHIEVE them. that was empowering, inspiring & confidence-building. 

after major shifts in 2010, and not quite getting my fitness bearings back, i decided to look for another "support system" and then i discovered the fitbook! this little 5.5" beauty is totally functional, well-designed and a practical companion for all your health & wellness goals. they even have a man edition, a kid edition, and a PINK edition (for breast cancer awareness).  i choose the standard fitbook : )

after setting some goals for myself, i got to filling out my stats in the "current" section & scheduling 12 weeks worth of workouts! here is a glimpse: 

my personalized fitbook (on top of my curly girl calendar--helped me  w/scheduling!)
complete with yoga, strength training, biking, tennis, hiking, mileage goals for running & more, this little seƱorita is ready for an active & healthy spring! it's good to know yourself; once you determine what motivates you, you're able to put your money where you mouth is and get moving. i may have a little winter weight to shed, but more importantly, setting fitness goals & working towards achieving them makes me feel strong from the inside-0ut. it helps me be most comfortable in my own skin when i know i am moving & shaking with the best of em' : )

what motivates you once winter turns to spring? how are you kicking it into high-gear this march? 

sending my love & support your way!

07 March 2011

in the middle of the sea

the question is:
 how did we get so far out to sea?

summer on lake michigan
how are we still standing?
didn't we see the clouds rolling in?
the storm in the distance,
threatening our serenity
or were we, 

finding calm in the middle of the sea is no small task.
but it is a meaningful one.

this has to be one of my favorite photos of all time.
shall i leave it up to your imagination?
or tell you more?

tell me something {totally off topic}: what energizes you?
can't wait to hear.
i'm working on finding my energy sources & tapping into them [fully]!

06 March 2011

sunday loves

sunday loves:
heart piercing card original. sold. 
handsome as ever

in my humble opinion, sunday is for the people, activities & actions that we love.
a time for reflection, intention & space-making.
a time for chores & catchup & cleaning.
a time for family dinners,
lending your neighbor a hand,
grocery shopping,
workout planning,

sundays are for reading, letter writing, schoolwork, worship, cooking, relaxing, sleeping in, paying bills, visiting with friends, leisurely lingering, washing the sheets, coloring books, and copious amounts of hot tea.

my sunday has been filled with the following {however frivolous}:
paul's early spring frittata
spending time with my first fitbook (more on that this week)
sipping h20 with a lemon slice out of my new bpa free vessel tumbler
shredding it with jillian michaels
picking out a few new essential pieces for my work wardrobe at gap
grocery shopping with pw @ whole foods
making tuna salad for the week (healthy lunch: planned!)
and now:
mardi gras family dinner tonight!

these are my sunday loves. spent with the ones i love.
that feels really grounding. really special.

i hope you're enjoying a sunday of your kind.
filled with what energizes & prepares you for a great week ahead.
sending you much love.