20 June 2011

the makings of a happy stefi

PW would tell you there are a few things that make this girl happy. i could be in a horrible mood (yes, me.) and instantly these things will make me happy. not happy for a minute and then mad again, but, "oh yeah, that's what i want my life to be composed of " happy. the people i love. the clothes that make me feel good. activities that bring a wide smile to my face. places around the globe that really awaken my spirit. 

why, one must ask themselves,
 isn't my everyday 
composed of 
these people and places and things?

good question! i think that's what gretchen rubin is getting at in her happiness book. and what thich nhat hahn means when he says "everyday when you wake up, there are 24 brand new hours to live." maybe happiness isn't a moment, but a composition. finely tuned to awaken our spirits to the bigger picture. after all (you know what i'm going to say, right?): it is our days that make up our lives. {annie dilliard}

mini me.
with all that being said, the mystery isn't that much of a mystery. so i present to you today, a bit of a manifesta:

  • i like my coffee black, my bath water hot, and my grandmother's oversized golden hoops. 
  • i love a picnic, sparkling wine and an extra firm (but not burnt!) crust on a creme brulee
  • handwritten letters are best, but if you must send an email, jump off the page with !!!, xoxox's and :) galore
  • music should be played loudly enough that i can sing and you can't hear me. unless of course, you're playing acoustic guitar: then i'm all ears.
  • balloons makes every occasion special. feeling blue? balloons. birthday? balloons. walk in the park? balloons.
  • swimming: yes, please! my preference is the doggie-paddle, but the water-puppy within will do anything to stay afloat.
  • long fingers and toes mean my jewelry must be made for royalty: big, shiny + a story with each piece.
  • i'd rather be a driver than a passenger.
  • everyday physical activity and moderation makes for a life-time of wellbeing. sometimes: splurge.
  • golden: shoes, accessories, dresses, planners, pens. anything.
  • while we're on the subject, pens: gel, no ballpoint. fountain, but of course. colorful, always.
  • i'll never be early, but rarely am i running late.
  • i can't sleep until i've written or called you back, thanked you properly for your kindness, or acknowledged a gift i've been given. if you haven't heard back from me, i promise you i'm not sleeping well.
  • i say a prayer for peace every morning.
  • some people have got it right. a particular person comes to mind: gg9a.
  • backscratching makes my heart go pitter-patter.
  • i love challenges, celebrations, honest conversation and meaningful exchanges. i'll never turn down a hug.
  • family + friends are here to provide constant inspiration and love. 
and there you have it, stephanie's list o' inspiration and delight. 
what makes your heart soar?

19 June 2011

ode to my fathers

dad. big smile. siblings. + me.
daddy dave + me. big smiles. love.

i am a lucky, lucky girl. i get to call and wish a happy father's day to two wonderful men.  so loving in so many ways. so different, but together just the dads a girl like me needs. it's not enough to say "thank you for being a great dad," or "wish i could bbq some chicken for you tonight, dad;" no, i feel like there really isn't anything i could do or say to my fathers (or mothers) that would properly pay them the homage they deserve.

it's not that i wouldn't try, but no words or act of love could properly fulfill the grand proportion of grace, abundance, creativity, independence, and humility with which i've been parented. so i say thanks, reflect on the abundant blessings, and give a big smile to the memories which i'm so fortunate to have. then we go make some more.

either way: happy father's day to the fathers of our world. keep showing up, in the full force of love, goodness, learning and authenticity. and thanks. we're all better off for me. 

04 June 2011

it will find you

abundance arrives

do you ever wonder when that longed for change will come? the opportunity you've been hoping for? the partner to delight in? the diagnosis to determine the source of the pain? the sleep you long for? the yes that comes after a long series of no's? 

i don't have the change, the opportunity, the partner, the diagnosis, the sleep or the yes, or anything else you're waiting for for that matter. but i believe that whatever it is, it will find you.  it will arrive however it chooses: wrapped or unwrapped; maybe a bow, maybe not. it will arrive in perfect time, in perfect form. it will be exactly the size and shape and portion you need.

all you need to do? knock. pray. go about your journey. be caught in the act of enjoying yourself. let the belief that it will find you give you great confidence. 

because when we wait with great confidence, we act now as if we were already in possession of the thing that we're longing for. and being filled, we fill others. and they begin to believe the wait was worth it, too. and abundance arrives, delights, and decides to stay. for all time.

cross my heart: it will find you, too.