31 August 2011

hand to the plow.

when i fall off the blogging wagon, which, you know, happens every once in a while, i get intimidated that i should just close up shop, pack my bags and move on. but then i start dreaming up posts. making promises to ideas. letting inspiration bleed into my day to day. and finally, the ideas and inspiration get so big, and the knocking on my mind gets so loud, that the only proper response seems to be finding myself back in this space to share inspiration and delight!

just in case you're curious as to what i've been up to, i think this photo sums is up in one fell swoop: hand to the plow. oh, ok, so that's a gas powered tiller, but still: suffice it to say i've been working pretty damn hard.

my summer has been spent mostly at work, in the fields, wedding planning, adventuring, wining and dining with pw, and making the most of the hours of sunshine available to us. my stress levels are a bit higher than i'd like (juggling too much, you say?) but i'm looking forward to my birthday (next week!), our fall wedding (!!!), and a sweet little honeymoon. classes are back in session, work will always be there, these celebratory times only come once.

expect some updates, vendor reports, darling stories, photo posts and more from me soon! and: tell, tell, how have YOU been? xoxox stephanie