18 March 2012

unlock the combination

the queen has plans to return to her kingdom.
after many months of hiatus, (which seems to keep happening when life gets busy!) i'm finally ready to return to this space. loaded into my 2012 goals & visions was the inner voice saying, "WRITE! WRITE! WRITE!" but i've been writing strategic plans, papers, case studies and thank you cards, rather than blogs and journal entries. and while work & grad school may get a major chunk of my time, the color and spirit of life continues to inspire me, and this space has always been an outlet for that.

i was flying home yesterday and it occurred to me that each of us most certainly has everything within ourselves to create the world we crave.  my life lately has been a lesson in that course. 

whatever is holding you back from taking the next step is simply a critical opportunity for you to look deep within to find a solution. sometimes 'looking deeply within' means looking up, quieting the world around you, or bravely facing something you've avoided for a long, long time. or, a combination of all three and a big leap of faith. 

but the awakening that occurs once the stronghold is lifted--that's a moment in life you'll always look back on gratefully. i hope you're finding strength within today to be brave. 

my inspiration tank is full after doing so myself yesterday. 
with great love,

p.s. you like my photo frame? i gifted paul with this book photo frame for his 30th birthday. maybe he'll always remember me that way? also...i promise the wedding details posts are coming back (slowly but surely)


kate said...

yay! i am so happy you are back on your blog;-) looking forward to your many amazing and inspirational posts!

NC heaven said...

Looking deeply within yields many precious insights that sustain us, enliven us, and make the heart receptive to the changing patterns of life. Good for you.

Mary said...

what a pleasant surprise to see a blog post from you pop up in my feed. welcome back!

beautiful post. thanks for the lift.