15 April 2012

thoughts on discipline

playa del carmen, mexico
when the winds of fate blow tough weeks your way, what do you dream about?
escaping to the seashore?
the sound of your running shoes pounding the pavement?
a trip to the northwest hills of italy's wine county?
time spent around a kitchen table with good friends?
a warm beverage by candlelight?
long, slow walks through the park?

we all have tough weeks.
gray skies.
bumpy roads.

where we turn in the midst of these tough times ultimately tells the tale of our strengths and weaknesses.
i love to go to the drawing board of life,
paintbrush in hand,
my favorite pens & a moleskine.
(maybe a sun-hat atop my curly locks if the weather is nice.)
i love to sit with my dreams-my goals-my golden vision.
i'm really good at that part of the equation.

it's the returning-to-reality and making it happen part that trips me up from time to time.
(the rubber hits the road part)

remember how i was so inspired about a month ago and i had a strong vision and plans and a moment of true clarity (i do! thank goodness!)...well as i crashed into bed on Friday evening, i realized i hadn't spent time journaling-restoring and reflecting-for literally, one month. wow. and i created that month. and it's not that i don't have 72 favorite pens & a journal on my nightstand, it's that i am not as disciplined as i would like to be. and sometimes my follow-through can be lackluster (at best).

how does follow-through on this part of the equation when it's a known weakness?
all your disciplinarians out there, don't leave me hanging. i need your advice.

until then: it's finals week(s).
it's party time in my world on April 26th around 7 p.m.


erin said...

My problem (one of them at least) is that I'll be in this situation - not having done anything for a month, then having a spurt of inspiration/goal setting - but then my attention is all scattered. It's like when I have 9 browser tabs open with articles I want to read but end up on Facebook instead and don't read any of the other things because I'm overwhelmed about where to start. So my advice (that I should take myself) is to just pick one thing to focus on, even if it's the smallest task, and just do it. Even if you think that time could be spent making progress on a bigger, better plan. Getting one thing accomplished feels good and gives you (me) energy/inspiration to do more.

Pick up one of your 72 pens and write something - even if it's a letter to me :)

erin said...

Of course Ron Swanson says it much more efficiently: "Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing."

NC heaven said...

Yes this is the reality of it and you captured it well (for all of us). I couldn't have posed the question better. I am finding the process is whatever the moment asks it to be, whether there's discipline there or not. If it's there, then that's the process. If it not there, then that's also the process. When the discipline keeps me in a non-compassionate place (toward myself), that's usually a good time for me to just let it go for a while. Sometimes it helps me move toward compassion, too.