09 May 2012

looking back

i've been thinking lately. this life really is amazing. after the semester wrapped up and i could finally come up for air, i look back over the past days, months, and years--the past decade even--and i am so grateful for every meandering path, green pasture, and steep hill; for the quiet moments that consolidated my beliefs and the loud, tulmutuous roar of change. i am grateful for the soft look back on all the days that have made my life what it is today.
spontaneous art, reads: 'know love'
the moments that make me come alive are treasures:receiving a flat rate box full of hand-me-downs from my sister_unpacking a picnic under the summer sun with paul_flipping my dog in yoga class, sweat drippy down my (undeniably tabb) nose_ the continuous delight of our growing family as the years march on_lighting soy candles and sinking into a hot bath_seeing my sweet friends faces during a g+ hangout. wow.  the cumulative effect of all this life offers make my heart just absolutely burst with gratitude.

how do we fill our hearts? are our days spent seeking that which yields pleasure, joy, companionship, and treasures? do moments of fear call out our courage? what inspires our work, our relationships, our craft?

journal, reads: 'go! fill your heart!"

i guess this thought sums it up perfectly:  trust your life as it unfolds...
card, reads: 'trust your life as it unfolds...'
my dear friend ea and i always joke that the bravest thing we do everyday is leave our front door. life is not easy. (make no mistake that i have somehow figured it out.) blustery winds blow even the best of intentions astray. cars flood. we say goodbye to the ones we love the most. the inner flame wanes. we lose the ability to know our own treasures and strengths.

but as we lean into the day that has greeted us, the glow that awoke us from our slumber and called us out to the curb somehow ensures we have just what we need to keep that still, small voice alive.
card: marianne williamson quote
just in case you needed a reminder to manifest the glory.
permission to shine more brightly than ever before.
or an extra dose of love.

all of that, and more, is yours.

all images © heart piercing cards 2012.


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LaurenW said...

Loved this Steph. Very much needed to hear that right now.