20 May 2012

the real deal

it occurred to me that i have a tendency to tip towards the very philosophical when i'm blogging. if you ever sit next to me at lunch, you'd know that i am not so eloquent- i spell things incorrectly, stumble over my words, drop soba noodles on my new top. alas, i am a human being, too! so let's drop it a few notches, shall we?

here's a few little tidbits about life that are true for moi:

1. i love to dance. here's me keeping it real with my 18 and 20 year old brothers. (note to tanner & mason: you're welcome for teaching you mad dance skills.)
dance floor mania

2. I drop stuff...a lot. below is an image of my right foot after dropping a full 40-oz stainless steel water bottle on my own barefoot. and i have long, roman toes (that bend very odd ways), and a scar on the top of my foot from shaving it in the bathtub at my grandma's house when i was 3 or 4. caroline was in the bathtub, too and totally got me in trouble for screaming when blood turned the bathwater pink. i thought i could get away with it... ha 

nice bruise

3. i will never turn down a cocktail this guy makes. did you know my dad is the cocktail king? actually, he & BB are extraordinary hosts in every way. (this was a trader vic's dinner-party-dance-train. oh yes, good cocktails, better dance moves! told you i like to dance.)

dinner party dance train

4. my darling husband just got back from a seriously amazing trip to italy with his company. i did not get invited. yes, i was very jealous; but, there is nothing like seeing the ones you love saturated by witnessing what they love firsthand. his stories and photos were absolutely amazing. 

mauro veglio magnum. life's too hard, pw.

 5. i am often caught staring at my phone. this is something i'd like to change about myself. iPhones are addictive. sometimes i get so sucked into the black hole that i forget to see my beautiful life happening all around me.
guilty as charged.

 6. i am VERY particular about which pens i use. simple black ballpoints will never satiate this hand. don't be fooled into thinking i am something special, just very particular.

sakura jelly roll bliss.
7. i have trouble sticking to my goals. as much as i hate to admit it, i've been struggling to juggle it all lately, and i start something (like a new fit book!) and don't finish it. re-establishing goals and my vision for my best self. 
8. i LOVE LOVE LOVE colored sprinkles of any kind. my JOY among JOYS is colored sprinkle anything. be it chocolate covered frozen bananas or pretzel rods, rolled in colored sprinkles? GUSH. i love it. get this from my mama. 
colored sprinkle heaven.
9. since 2007, i have taken a photo/scan of almost every card i've made. a few nudges from some interesting people inspired me to take note of this talent. whispers, people: that's where the magic happens (in the still small voices).
heart piercing cards, 'grow." sold.

10. my grandmother once said to me, "you write fancy things" and i tell you what, that's probably the most darling comment i've ever received. thanks GG9a. you're the best.  (pictured here playing a gypsy and a tough hand of cards- again, with tanner & mason.)
gg9a gypsy

how's that for ten fun facts! the real deal about me. taking inventory of the ways things are can help leverage our strengths (and opportunities for growth) as we reach for the next rung on the ladder.

though i'd like to think of myself more like a monkey hanging out in a tree, ready to move on up to the next level and see a new perspective of this big, brave world. (totally not trying to get philosophical on you here. lol) happy sunday!

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Kim said...

Great post! I enjoyed it and the pictures too. I can relate! Thank you for sharing.