28 August 2012


oh my, if we all only looked so good and maintained our full spirits well into our eighties! nina mae is my hero, she just happens to be my maternal grandmother, too. lucky me.

wow! i'd say sorry it's been so long, but that'd be boring. instead, let's pretend like we've been playing hide+seek and my hiding place was SO good that i had to come out of hiding... sounds like fun right?

summer 2012 is one that might be written into the history books. it's been one long love letter; a second honeymoon; a shining spot in light of a pretty tough first half of the year. it's been a big blast of fun! starting off with a mini vacation with family when my youngest brother graduating from high school, an outstanding trip to california with my sweet paul, one absolutely amazing long weekend in charleston that made me wish i was french, and the most amazing arrival of my first nephew. told ya, it's been a good one.

in-flight creativity
the highlight of my summer has been my creative spots: i've gone from a stray cat to a jaguar, folks! when i set out to define my 2012 goals, 'something creative every week' was at the top of the list. creativity is the engine from which all else flows in my heart of hearts. so this has been a huge success both personally & professionally. it allows expansion of our hearts and lives when we align our entire existence to our strengths. powerful things happen. (no need for the sidenote: careful what you wish for. wish away, just be ready for big things!)

so just for fun, here are a few summer snapshots for your viewing pleasure:
said goodbye to this kitchen.
wheel of life. priorities.
got the vintage schwinn spiffed up a bit!
welcomed this badboy into our new kitchen! ciao! 

favorite journal & suitcase.

ate one of the best meals of my life in san francisco.

best. succulent. garden. ever!

opened up. all the way.
and that's just days one & two of san fran.
until soon...