01 July 2012

work wear

since it's sunday and i have a few work projects to wrap up, i figured a few more hours of procrastinating wouldn't hurt if I was busy brainstorming work wardrobe ideas. it's important to me that i dress like a modern professional, despite a relatively thin pocketbook and a small closet. 

many of my fashion ideas come from inspiring sites like what i wore, where jessica quirk pushes the fashion limits in just the right direction. she takes nice pieces and transitions them between work & play. that'a girl, jessica!

oh joy is another blogger who offers up professional uniform ideas with a twist, as well as a beautiful life in general that capture the essence of art & beauty combined. for insurance, she'll pair a striped dress and a colorful blazer for a business meeting, to which i say, 'that's my kind of meeting!' and i'll have another, tyvm.

other times, i search magazines for ideas or take artistic inspirations from inspiring sources and turn them into outfit ideas. blazers, pants, skirts, and dresses are all fairly easy to find. shirts that require low or no maintenance are my preference (hello, dry cleaning bill!), accessories relay a healthy dose of creativity, and after diffusing my curls, throwing on a quick sweep of my laura mercier cosmetics, & spritz of perfume (just a spritz!)...i'm out the door. the most challenging wardrobe piece for me is shoes. enter: size 11 feet.

when an outfit has the look and feel of something i love, i trust that instinct. however, whenever i cultivate colorful combinations, i check them against ashley hepburn's three rules for the professional's work wardrobe:

  1. current
  2. clean
  3. comfortable

no use killing my feet during a 30 minute presentation in front of physical plant staff, or busting the seams on a pencil skirt whilst i update the webpage. oh no, please, i think it is ESSENTIAL that what one wears both makes them feel good and looks good to the colleague across the table. as well, saying goodbye to post-college interview pieces and hello to a few upgraded essentials reminds me that i'm 'dressing for the job i want.' you know that old saying, don't you? i'd far rather shell out a few dollars to get my button-ups laundered and freshly pressed...ironing was never something i enjoyed. and my closet is ready to go each week... full of inspiring and colorful pieces that communicate the 'me' i know and love.

here are a few outfit i've rocked recently to get you thinking. just in case you're wondering why i take photos of myself before i leave in the morning (or in the bathroom stall at work)'s this: i send my mom & sister photos of my outfits from time to time.  it's our fun way of seeing and loving each other's day to day. sounds silly, but the small stuff adds up. And they usually either a) bought me something i'm wearing, b) it's a caroline-me-down, c) helped me pick out my outfit {overthephone} or d) all of the above and i love to hear their praise. ; )

so their you have it! summer outfit inspiration and work wear ideas from a young professional. and a few new blogs to get addicted to, while you're procrastinating on this toasty sunday.