10 February 2013

let love in

letting love in feels like the brightest, shiniest thing on earth. on the coldest day, it can warm you to the core. yes, we are flawed, fatigued and fast to criticize our most true selves. love won't stop at the boundaries of where we are comfortable. it wants the truest you to open your heart wide. let love in.

2013 has arrived. and this year is going to hold such good things. i'm sure of it.

i've looked at this (my) blog one hundred times since i last posted...i hesitated, wondering if i was ready, thinking about a return. what would i say? but this photo of my sister and her sweet daughter say it all. i'm back, ready for some fun, and letting love all the way in.

may you find some joy in doing the same. xo


Hannah Alexander said...

yay! welcome back! I'm still here and can't wait to read what you write next...


Jennifer said...

I'm taking baby steps in this direction, too. I look forward to following along with you.

LaurenW said...

love this steph and love you!