09 April 2013

rocking my world

Probably should be working on about 1,000 other things, but i'm practicing being purposefully playful with my time.  today alone has involved work commitments, grad school class, and internship commitments. add to that this perfect little pup and trying to maintain my sanity...But the truth is there is so much to celebrate, goodness that won't come again at the same rate, and if i don't celebrate now, when will it be a good time?

a few things that are rocking my world:

meet odin theodore
this pup: Odin, our chocolate labradoodle! he's 9 weeks old, 11 pounds and a total love bug. paul and i are over the moon! yes he is like photographing a curly, tootsie roll pup.
paul and odie

his first day home

sunday morning sweet puppy eyes.

dinner at rye celebrating kit: kit and bob are friends for all seasons. while we only get to see them from time to time, every time it's a fun reminder of why having cultured, interesting folks in your life is an absolute pleasure. bob surprised kit with a birthday celebration at swanky rye on market. in his toast he said, 'to the one who keeps the ship afloat.' so sweet. we all had such a ball. more times like these:
sailing together.
uofl men's basketball team are the 2013 NCAA National Champions! not only is paul beside himself because he's been waiting for this amazing accomplishment for 27 years, but this Cardinal fan couldn't be more proud of the talented group of young men who showed such perseverance in light of kevin ware's horrific injury. #L1C4 forever!
CARD Nation, baby!

and...a little bit of self pep-talk::::::

grad school=almost over next tuesday [4/16] is my FINAL class period for all of grad school. with just one more internship semester to go. i'm more excited than ever and so grateful for the support my family and friends have shown me all these years. not just in regards to encouragement and support, but patience patience patience while i try to handle the balance of this monster task while working full time. google 'grad school' images and this is one of the first to populate.
oh wait...i look like that ALL the time.

so looking forward to finding that fine balance again very soon. no excuses. only pouring myself into a life that thrills me in the best of ways. curly hair and all.
xoxox stephanie