05 May 2013

A new normal

It's all fun and dandy to say 'we got a new pup,' but then you disappear for a month and spend your days trying to figure out the new normal. What will my life be like now that I have this being I am responsible for? Lately we have been up between 630-645am taking the pup out. Everyday. Even sundays, after too many mint juleps. Loving daily walks as a family, ranging from hardly making it down the block to an Odin marathon of a whopping 2.5+ miles! Teaching simple commands to a 3 month old pup who would rather be mouthing on your arm then listen. Three-a-day feeds, pooper-scooping, dog-wrangling when you're already running late, ahhh. Puppy heaven!!!

This is the stuff of responsibility, huh? I have been somewhat spoiled in my existence to not have another who solely depends on me. Part of my rationale for welcoming a dog into my life was a more intentional practice of unconditional love. Seems to be working pretty well, at least thus far.

People don't lie when they say there is nothing like coming home to a furry little love bug who is OVER THE MOON that'd you've arrived. Black work trousers aside, its a happy and heart-bursting exchange that money can absolutely not buy. We took a big leap of faith- me, especially- and even in the worst of moments, a new normal has settled in and I wouldn't change it for the world. There is one furry little boy to thank for that!