16 February 2014

Training Updates: Week One

Absolutely rocked my goals this week! Thanks to my awesome partner in crime, we stayed really focused and committed as we supported each others' goals in light of all the other things going on. Talk about a hearty yes!

Week One Review: 
Sunday: Strength and stretching, plus a light dose of cardio for the fun of it. Using the Johnson and Johnson 7 minute Strength Training App (which is awesome).
Monday (Runday):  Awesome 2.5 miles on the treadmill. Pretty epic amounts of energy because I ate well and hydrated like a champion. For my fellow FHS hockey players, I was feeling like a beast because I ran an 8:00 minute mile. Remember when coming in under 7:30 was a command, not a choice?
Tuesday: Yoga Flow...loving Meredith's classes at the GHN Wellness Center. So happy I've made a regular routine of this. Good for the mind, body and spirit.
Wednesday: This was by far the toughest hurdle for me (mentally). After eating a late lunch, I teeter-tottered, can I run 2 miles and strength training? Will I hurl in front of everyone? Put my mind to it though, and championed through. Felt good about my workout- solid run and great ST session. I sleep like a ROCK when I workout like this.
Thursday: Plan calls for yoga, which is an adjustment I made because I really like the T/Th schedule. However, it was sunny and beautiful, so I skipped out of work a bit early and took Odin for a 3.5 mile walk instead. Down-dog, taking new shape : )
Friday: Rest. Thanks to my awesome step-mom for refreshing my hair and sweet PW for a fun Valentine's day!
Saturday: Odin and I powered through a 3 mile icy run outside! We had an awesome time zipping through snow-crusted Crescent Hill and kept a pretty good pace, too. Love this pup to the moon. He's such a good running buddy!

In order to be successful this week, I erred on the side of gentle whenever possible, and put on the perspective of possibility. Ingredients include: time management,  realistic commitments, keeping our kitchen stocked with healthy options, and lots of water. Can't say enough good about aligning your life to your intentions. #workseverytime

Feeling the love for my fitbit again. Do you have one? Let's be fitbit friends!

Here's to giving your gold to your goals this week!


Anonymous said...

Inspiring Steph! You are rocking those goals big-time! <3

Analiese said...

Oops, "anonymous" was me!