08 February 2014


allow me to return to this space after a hiatus extraordinare by introducing myself. 

where to begin?
i'm stephanie:  hello. 
what makes me tick?
perhaps with my obsession love of the colorful life. creativity in its many forms...

and warm spaces that welcome you as you are. 
especially ones where you can roll out your mat and explore the inner landscape with care and curiosity. 

highlights of my life:
 i have a darling pup that greets me each morning. odin, an australian labradoodle, just turned one on Feb 1st. (keep reading and you'll celebrate with me when you learn he doesn't wake me up at 645am on the daily any more. didn't take him long to figure that out.)

i'm one of five siblings- and go figure, that's the most awesome thing ever!

golden soul:
obsessed with all things golden. seek to find love in the small spaces.

and married to one heck of a guy: pw.

followed my inner compass back to this space after a taking a significant break from blogging. it's really one of my favorite ways to connect with others, gather inspiration, share projects, and creatively express what lights up my soul. bravely returning and feel so fortunate to find my way back to this space.  hoping to spend time here on a regular basis. xoxox

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Cathy said...

Hi Stephanie,
I've been following on Instagram. We share the love of Australian Labradoodles. I have a 6 month old named Jackson. I'm curious att what point will he stop waking me up at 5:30 everyday. :) He's so different from my two Goldens but what a joy he has brought to my life.
I'm ScrappinCathy on Instagram.
I'm an avid scrap booker/card maker as well.